MSc Cybersecurity & Management

MSc Cybersecurity & Management

Entry level 
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

RNCP Title
“Expert en système informatique” level 7*

Durée de formation

24 months, intakes in September and January


French and english

Study mode


Frais de scolarité
Tuition fees

€12 500

The MSc Cybersecurity & Management in detail

The Master of Science in Management is a diploma designed for young graduates looking for a specialization or professionals wanting to increase their skills in a specific field.

The Cybersecurity & Management specialization delivers a double Paris School of Business and Efrei Paris diploma. It trains cybersecurity experts in managerial skills. Graduates of the program, whose profile meets the needs of recruiting companies, may orient their career towards consulting and auditing.

This MSc is the fruit of a partnership with Efrei Paris, a Digital Engineering business school founded in 1936, of independent status and a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles.

*Titre d’Expert en architecture systèmes, réseaux et sécurité informatique délivré par Ingetis, NSF 326, de niveau 7, enregistré au RNCP sous le numéro 38823 par décision du Directeur Général de France Compétences du 27/03/2024

Ambition of the specialization

The main aim of this program is to train managers with the ability to grasp the latest challenges posed by cybersecurity.


A 360° view

Complementary technical and managerial skills for a comprehensive understanding of safety issues.

A curriculum oriented towards practice

The pedagogy at the Paris School of Business and at EFREI is focused on practice thanks to professional situations that allow students to prepare themselves for the professional world.

A work-study program

Two years of work-study to put into practice the knowledge acquired in class. Thanks to the Efrei Career Center, students are accompanied in their search for a work study through group and personalized coaching.

4 000

Associate professors


18 846

* Paris Business School figures 2023

Head of specialization’s word

"Supported by the prestigious partnership between Paris School of Business and EFREI Paris, the Cybersecurity & Management program has been designed to train agile managers in the cybersecurity professions. In a pedagogical spirit combining soft and hard skills applied to a culture of corporate performance and innovation, the convergence of the ambitions of this program with the professional development and integration of each student is the common thread running through all our administrative and teaching teams."

Idriss Miskine BUITCHOHO
Head of MSc Cybersecurity

Program description

The MSc in Cybersecurity & Management is built upon three main skillsets: engineering, management, and the professional base, with the objective of training managers who will be capable of grasping the new stakes pertaining to Cybersecurity.

In fact, on every occasion that computer technology is used to improve or provide new services, it also gives potential attackers with their various motivations new opportunities to access, modify and damage sensitive information.

The MSc Cybersecurity & Management enables students to master risk analysis and design and support the implementation of an information systems security policy.

In the face of increasingly prevalent cyberthreats, technical skills must be allied to managerial skills in order to provide all-encompassing solutions so as to better support organizations.

A unique training

The teaching approach within this training program is multi-disciplinary, tackling various managerial and technical areas: leadership, risk management, and the legal aspects and politics of cybersecurity for the managerial domain.

The aims of the technical part are to master the challenges posed to cybersecurity regarding malware, forensic analyses, cryptography, intrusion tests as well as new technologies, the internet of objects, clouds, and industrial systems.

Admission to the MSc Cybersecurity & Management  program

To be admitted onto the MSc Cybersecurity & Management  program, candidates have to go through an examination procedure

File review

  •  ID photography
  •  Copy of passport or identity card
  •  A copy of high school diploma and any other diploma obtained since high school, with a translation in French if the original is not in English or French
  •  A school certificate for the current academic year (2023/2024) if applicable
  •  Resume and a cover letter
  •  Reference letter from a professor or a former employer, or any relevant person including contact details of the referral
  •  €100 for the application fees (€50 for state scholarship students upon presentation of the notified final decision)

Individual interview

The purpose of this interview is to evaluate the motivation and open-mindedness of the candidate as well as to assess the adequacy between his personality, his knowledge and the teaching provided at the Paris School of Business.

The application must be made directly on the EFREI website.

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

What to do after the course ?


Professional integration

Following graduation from the MSc Cybersecurity & Management, students can aspire to major positions of responsibility, such as:

   Chief Operating Officer
   Digital project manager
   Security analyst / consultant
   Cybersecurity architect

Students who have successfully completed this MSc may go on to pursue studies at MBA or doctoral level (except Efrei).

Drop-out rate during training: 6,98%

Partnership with EFREI Paris


EFREI Paris, is a Grande Ecole of digital engineers created in 1936, independent and member of the conference of grandes écoles. It offers two programs from Bac to Bac+5.

EFREI Paris has a campus in Paris (over 12,000 m²) and a campus in Bordeaux (with Yncrea).

It is equipped with an Innovation Lab and a student hub, modern classrooms with the latest technologies, an incubator and a research laboratory.

The school's life is animated by 59 student associations that are highly involved in the dynamism of EFREI Paris.

With an alumni network of more than 12,500 active engineers in France and abroad, EFREI Paris is highly ranked in the rankings of HR departments of large companies.

EFREI Paris graduates are highly demanded on the job market because they possess the scientific skills, technical skills and soft skills required to succeed in today's business world.

How to finance your training?

Tuition fees


Tuition costs € 12 500.

The curriculum is taken in work-study format during which the tuition fees will be covered by the company in which the students are working.

In addition, they benefit from full employee status and will therefore be paid a salary.

The MSc Cybersecurity & Management's pedagogy

Assessment methodology

Tests are organized to validate the knowledge and skills required to obtain the Paris School of Business Cybersecurity & Management.

The organization of the validation of the competences of the referential is articulated around the following modalities:

  • Group projects
  • Written and oral assessments
  • Individual in-class tests
  • Practical cases
  • Professional simulation exercises
  • Dissertation and end-of-studies viva

Current school year: 2023-2024

Competency targets


The professional certification (or RNCP title) prepared by the Paris School of Business Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management is made up of skill blocks. To validate their diploma and obtain the associated RNCP title, students must validate each of the skill blocks in the required qualification framework.

If the student does not validate all the blocks required to obtain the professional certification, but does validate all the skills relating to a block, each of these skill blocks will be acquired definitively.

  1. Full understanding of the business environment.
  2. Auditing, designing, and developing Information Systems.
  3. Project steering.
  4. Guiding a company towards new technologies.

This program does not offer bridges or equivalence with other training. 

However, full or partial certification is possible (see the RNCP title sheet).

In addition, professional experience may lead to a validation of acquired experience (VAE) upon request sent by e-mail to: 

For more information on the VAE process at Paris School of Business, please consult the following page


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