MSc Data Management in Paris

MSc Data Management

Entry level 
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

RNCP Title
“Expert en stratégie digitale” level 7*

Durée de formation

18 months, intakes in September and January


100% English

Study mode


Frais de scolarité
Tuition fees

€12 725

The MSc Data Management in detail

The Master of Science in Management is a training program aimed at recent graduates seeking to specialize or working professionals wishing to broaden expert knowledge of a particular field.

Our Data Management specialization comprises courses taught partly in English and in a work-study format split between the school and a company. This teaching mode helps students wanting to acquire a dual managerial and technical competence to enter the working world.

This MSc is delivered in partnership with Efrei Paris, an independent digital school of Engineering founded in 1936 and a member of the conférence des grandes écoles.

*Titre d’Expert en stratégie digitale délivré par Digital Campus, NSF 326, niveau 7 enregistré au RNCP sous le numéro 36287 par décision du Directeur Général de France Compétences du 25/03/2022

Ambition of the specialization

Like the industrial revolution that deeply affected 19th century society, the digital transformation of companies is having a profound effect on today’s society. This integral component of daily business life for employees and clients is expected to continue developing and intensifying in the coming years.

The aim of the MSc Data Management is to train tomorrow’s decision-makers in the tools required for significant transformation of business activities, processes, competences, and the models needed by organizations.

Thanks to its partnership with Efrei, Paris School of Business is able to offer its students a dual competence in Engineering and Management via classes in a business school coupled with classes in a school of Engineering. This blending of skillsets enable students to stand out in the working world and also provide them with a more complete overview of their professional field.


This program answers a clearly stated requirement from the labor market for managers to be trained and equipped with a rich body of knowledge and a complete grasp of data collection, analysis (Statistics, Python, R, etc.), structuring (databases, SQL), and use (Business Intelligence).

They also need to be able to present such data (Data Visualization) and be capable of both using and developing tools designed to aid decision-making (Machine Learning etc.).

Conférence Grandes Écoles

The MSc Data Management is accredited by the Conference des Grandes Écoles (CGE). The Conference des Grandes Écoles comprises nearly 300 members, including 238 Grandes Écoles in various fields such as engineering, management, architecture, political science, arts and design, journalism, military schools, veterinary and health schools, etc. All these institutions are recognized by the state.

Admission to the CGE is subject to rigorous criteria related to the structure, recruitment methods, pedagogical approach, international openness, connection with the business world, student support, and the nature of the degrees.

The CGE provides its quality label to ensure that programs align with the expectations of the job market. It aims to promote the development and influence of higher education and research institutions, both in France and abroad, in various forms. This promotion is pursued with the goal of excellence, in collaboration with public authorities, economic stakeholders, and society, emphasizing the connection between education and societal needs.

4 000

Associate professors


18 846

*Paris Business School figures 2023

Head of specialization’s word

"Joining the MSc Data Management means choosing excellence! This MSc takes an ambitious approach to data, combining the expertise of leading academics and professionals. In partnership with EFREI, this MSc stands out for its innovative training programme, 60% of which is technical (artificial intelligence, programming, big data, cybersecurity, mathematics), 30% of which is dedicated to transformations in the economic world, and 10% of which involves immersion in the ecosystem (hackathon, masterclass, community of practice).

In this way, it trains leaders with high added value for organisations, who are aware of the challenges of today and tomorrow!"

Dimitry CARIEN
Head of the MSc Data Management

Program description

Academic courses provide students with the fundamental concepts of business theory via a blend of on-campus and online content. They attend conferences, tutorials, workshops, and practical work sessions, all taught with a wide-ranging innovative approach. This diversified course delivery will enable students to become effective decision-makers, especially in the areas of:

  • Management
  • Digital transformation

Seminars and leadership skills

By taking part in practical seminars and workshops, students can hone general skills that cannot be simply obtained from coursebooks, namely soft skills. These alternative learning conditions have been carefully designed to help students develop the required talent to tackle the challenges that await them in the near future.

Practical application

In addition to the work-study format of the program, students will have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge and skills by taking part in a series of one-off events, including Start-up day, the PSB Innovation Challenge, and a Business Tour.

Professional thesis

Upon completion of the training part of the program, students work individually and with supervision on a professional thesis that they must defend before a jury comprising teachers and business professionals.

The hourly course volume for this year is 525 hours.

Admission to the MSc Data Management program

To be admitted onto the MSc Data Management program, candidates have to go through an examination procedure

File review

  •  ID photography
  •  Copy of passport or identity card
  •  A copy of high school diploma and any other diploma obtained since high school, with a translation in French if the original is not in English or French
  •  A school certificate for the current academic year (2023/2024) if applicable
  •  Resume and a cover letter
  •  Reference letter from a professor or a former employer, or any relevant person including contact details of the referral
  •  €100 for the application fees (€50 for state scholarship students upon presentation of the notified final decision)

Individual interview

The purpose of this interview is to assess the candidate's motivation and open-mindedness. It also enables us to assess the fit between the candidate's personality, knowledge and the teaching provided at Paris School of Business.

Applicants must hold a 4-year Bachelor degree.

An option for holders of a 3-year degree requires the acquisition of extra credits via a 4-month fast-track program.

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

What to do after the course ?


Professional integration

Following graduation, you can envisage applying for the following types of position :

   Data/Project Manager
   Data Analyst
   Data Scientist
   Decision-making Consultant
   Business Intelligence Analyst
   Data Strategist
   Big Data Consultant
   Data Risk Manager
   Big Data Marketer
   Business Analyst
   Data Auditor
   Chief Data Officer
   Data Management Officer

The school does not offer any further courses after this diploma.


of students are recruited for and working in positions relevant to the specialized area of the program.


of students occupy the position of Data Analyst/Data Scientist.

Results indicators 2022


of students are recruited prior to graduation.


of students graduated successfully in 2021.

€47 300

average salary

Partnership with EFREI Paris


EFREI Paris, is a Grande Ecole of digital engineers created in 1936, independent and member of the conference of grandes écoles. It offers two programs from Bac to Bac+5.

EFREI Paris has a campus in Paris (over 12,000 m²) and a campus in Bordeaux (with Yncrea).

It is equipped with an Innovation Lab and a student hub, modern classrooms with the latest technologies, an incubator and a research laboratory.

The school's life is animated by 59 student associations that are highly involved in the dynamism of EFREI Paris.

With an alumni network of more than 12,500 active engineers in France and abroad, EFREI Paris is highly ranked in the rankings of HR departments of large companies.

EFREI Paris graduates are highly demanded on the job market because they possess the scientific skills, technical skills and soft skills required to succeed in today's business world.

How to finance your training?

Tuition fees


Tuition costs € 14 150.

The curriculum is taken in work-study format during which the tuition fees will be covered by the company in which the students are working.

In addition, they benefit from full employee status and will therefore be paid a salary.

The MSc Data Management's pedagogy

Assessment methodology

Tests are organised to validate the knowledge and skills required to obtain the MSc Data Management from the Paris School of Business.

Skills are validated through the completion of a consulting project or professional project and practical work based on business cases. Students are assessed both in written and oral form.

Current school year: 2023-2024

Competency targets

The professional certification (or RNCP title) prepared by the Paris School of Business Master of Science in Data Management is made up of skill blocks. To validate their diploma and obtain the associated RNCP title, students must validate each of the skill blocks in the required qualification framework.

If the student does not validate all the blocks required to obtain the professional certification, but does validate all the skills relating to a block, each of these skill blocks will be acquired definitively.

  1. Lead a problematization and conceptualization process based on an analysis of client needs.
  2. Design a transformation and/or innovation project.
  3. Design and implement an internal/external communications strategy.
  4. Steer an innovation and/or transformation project up to final delivery.
  5. Manage a project team, a technical department and/or a cross-functional team.
  6. Defining and managing a UX strategy


This program does not offer bridges or equivalence with other training. 

However, full or partial certification is possible (see the RNCP title sheet).

In addition, professional experience may lead to a validation of acquired experience (VAE) upon request sent by e-mail to: 

For more information on the VAE process at Paris School of Business, please consult the following page.



If you have any questions about the MSc Data Management, please contact the Admissions department.


MSc Data Management admissions officer


Nelson Boda

Nelson BODA
Data Engineer in work-study at Crédit Agricole Payment Services

I chose this course because it has a solid reputation in big data and because of the exciting subjects it offers, such as artificial intelligence and project management. The main advantages of this course are that it is delivered on a work-study format and that the diploma is internationally recognized, which opens the door to global opportunities. The teaching staff, most of whom are PhD holders, provide high-quality, consultancy-oriented teaching.
I've now been on work-study for 2 years as a Data Engineer at Crédit Agricole, and this course has given me a real boost. My future goal is to pursue a PhD in artificial intelligence or big data, in partnership with world-renowned companies, thanks to the solid foundation that this training has given me.


Martine ZHANG
Data & AI Consultant on a work-study placement with Accenture

I joined the MSc Data Management after obtaining a Bachelor degree in Data for Health. The main reason I chose this program was its unique structure, the result of collaboration between a business school and an engineering school. This dual engineer-manager approach is ideal for achieving my ambition of becoming polyvalent in the operational and functional aspects of data and artificial intelligence.

What sets this program apart is the exceptional quality of the teaching, with experienced lecturers and content that is in line with current market needs. I did my first year of work experience at Air France as a Data Analytics Engineer. I'm currently doing my work-study placement at Accenture as a Data & AI consultant. This experience is preparing me perfectly to become a recognized expert in this field.


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