MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management

MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management

Entry level
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

“Manager des hébergements touristiques” RNCP title level 7*

1 year, intakes in September and January

100% English


between €13 575 and €17 075


The Master of Science in Management is a diploma designed for young graduates who wish to specialize in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Management or who are seeking a career change within this industry. 

Within the ever-changing industry of memory and experiences creation, the specialization in Hospitality & Tourism Management is designed for students targeting leadership roles in these sectors.

Equipped with management skills and specialized industry knowledge, this course allows students to explore alternative management approaches that will influence the tourism and hospitality industry on an international scale.

*RNCP title n°34056

Ambition of the specialization

The goal of this specialization is to develop the necessary soft and hard skills needed for a young graduate to accelerate their career within the hospitality or tourism industry field.

Focus is placed upon developing knowledge but also on leadership traits, behaviors and presentation skills.


  • Interaction with industry and professional events
  • Focus on leadership and communication skills
  • Interaction with industry professionals

Hospitality & Tourism management students

Competency targets

. Design a tourist accommodation establishment development strategy with a view to optimizing the organization’s financial profitability.

2. Design and deploy a tourist accommodation establishment operational strategy by devising a business plan for the organization as well as the related commercial action plan.

3. Steering organization of a tourist accommodation establishment by defining its operational workings and overseeing the acquisition of the required skills to meet all development targets.

 Optimizing the financial management of one or several tourist accommodation establishments in order to increase profitability.

5. Manage one/several multidisciplinary teams in order to support them in reaching their objectives by minimizing social risks.

6. Design and steer the company’s communication strategy implementation in line with the tourist accommodation establishment positioning strategy in order to improve its brand image.

A word from the Head of specialization


"In a post-pandemic world the hospitality industry has created new opportunities that create a need for professionals in the hospitality management field. This MSc is designed for students who wish to learn about hospitality management from an international and French perspective.»

Head of the MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management


Nationalities on the campus


Associate professors

17 700


*Paris Business School figures

Program description

Taught by academics with industry backgrounds and experience, this MSc provides a comprehensive study of tourism and hospitality management from both theoretical and real world perspectives.

It emphasizes crucial skills for the sector: leadership, analytical, and organizational.

Playing the role of tourism capital of the world, Paris is the ideal place to learn from industry leaders and acquire the necessary firsthand skills to move into leadership positions.

In addition to the core units, students benefit from elective courses to develop their global managerial and strategic skills.

The program will take students from the recruitment of different categories of staff to implementing ethics and corporate social responsibility in their decision-making process, enabling them to truly understand the nature of management in the tourism and hospitality industry.

A significant part of the learning comes from workplace experiences, exposure to industry leaders, and study tours.

It also emphasizes strategic issues that arise in the sector, through marketing, finance, and other core business principles.

Key Points:

 Dedicated mentors and networking from the HTM industry

 Paris, leading capital for best practices in hospitality and tourism industry

Assessment methodology

The assessment methodology is as follows:

  • Case studies: short projects assessed by specialist professionals
  • Final consulting projects
  • Professional simulation exercises in a roleplay format
  • Business Game: corporate case studies made available via a digital platform in the form of a business game or management game titled CESIM-Hospitality
  • Continual assessment

Admission to the MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management

To be admitted onto the MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management program, candidates have to go through an examination procedure

The first step is screening by the Admissions Jury of:


 Covering letter

 Undergraduate degree and transcripts


 TOEFL/IELTS results

 Letter of recommendation

 Application fee

Then, the Dean of the program will interview eligible candidates and the Admissions Jury will communicate the admission result 1-3 weeks after the interview stage.

 Applicants must hold a 4-year Bachelor degree.

 An option for holders of a 3-year degree requires the acquisition of extra credits via a 4-month fast-track program.

ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants).

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

Results indicators


of success rate for the 2022 class


of students are in employment in France in the 6 months following graduation


of students are in employment abroad in the 6 months following graduation


of the students employed 6 months after graduation are on unlimited-term contracts and primarily have managerial status (60%)


of students in professional activity created their own business

Career opportunities

By mastering the specific features of the Hospitality and Tourism industry, students fully understand the strategic decisions a hospitality manager can face.

They can expect to begin a career anywhere in the world. Graduates may move into management positions in a wide selection of fields includinge:

  • Hotels & resorts management
  • Events organization
  • Tourism marketing
  • Government tourism bodies
  • Airlines & cruises management

Tuition fees


The standard duration of the program is one year requiring the candidate to obtain 90 ECTS.

However, if the candidate is admitted with a 3-years Bachelor degree, he or she needs to attend the 4-month fast track program in addition to the 1-year program (90 + 30 = 120 ECTS).

The tuition fees of the MSc program depend on the entry level. ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

  • Applicants with a 4-year bachelor: €13 575 (90 ECTS)
  • Applicants with a 3-year bachelor: €17 075 (120 ECTS)



For any questions regarding the MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management Program, please contact the Admissions Department.


Admission Officer MSc Program


Melanie CANDAN
MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management

 I graduated from the Msc Hospitality and Tourism of Paris School of Business and I really appreciated that the school took good initiatives during the pandemic by accommodating to our educational needs.

The courses prepared us for a variety of roles within general business practices but the specialization courses allowed me to understand how the hospitality industry is different from other industries. Many of our professors were leaders of the industry, which allowed us to better understand the reality of the Tourism and Hospitality business.

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