Bachelor in International Business

Bachelor in International Business

Entry level 
2 years of post-secondary study

Diploma awarded
State-recognized Bachelor’s degree (3 years post-secondary, RNCP level 6*)

1 year, starting in September

Language of instruction

Full time

Tuition fees
9 500€


The third year of the Bachelor’s program is State-recognized and overseen. The International Business specialization can be accessed via the parallel admissions process following two years of post-secondary studies.

It enables students to acquire an all-round knowledge of global commercial practices as well as analyze trends and operate effectively in a dynamic and complex international environment.

*The level 6 (NSF 313) "Diplôme en management général et international" awarded by PSB Paris School of Business is RNCP registered under the reference number 36785 by the Director General of France compétences as of 01/09/2022.

Aim of the specialization

The main objective of the program is to equip students with solid knowledge in fundamental commercial disciplines, hone their intercultural sensitivity, develop their communication skills, and prepare them to become responsible managers who are open-minded and able to run international-scale projects.


  • Renowned professors, both academically and professionally speaking
  • An international and multicultural environment
  • Students acquire knowledge and practical skills to work within international companies
  • The opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of our partner institutions

Skill objectives


For successful completion of their Bachelor, students must validate the six following skillsets.

If students do not validate all the skillsets required for obtaining the professional certificate but successfully completes all skills related to one of the sets, each of the skillsets concerned will have been definitively validated.

1. Deployment of a corporate strategy at department level

2. Management of an entity's financial activities

3. Transdisciplinary project management

 Team or department management

5. Development and enhancement of professional skills

6. Developing an international business

This program cannot be combined with another training program.

However, partial certification with another program is possible (see the RNCP diploma file).

In addition, prior professional experience may be validated with credits upon request, which must be submitted by email to:

For further information on the validation of prior experience at PSB, please visit the following page.

A word from the Head of Specialization

Ekaterina BESSON

"In our international, diverse and rapidly changing environment, a successful future manager needs to understand the global context, the ways international companies operate and develop necessary skills for cross-cultural communication. The Bachelor in International Business not only enables its students to acquire knowledge across a wide range of commercial disciplines, but also hone their ability to adapt to situations, their open-mindedness, their creativity and their emotional intelligence, skills that are essential to functioning in the modern international business context."

Ekaterina BESSON
Head of Specialization


Specializations in the third year of the Bachelor


Partner companies



* Figures Paris School of Business 2023

Program description

Over the course of the year, students are exposed to a variety of learning methods, thereby enabling them to develop a range of skills.

Thanks to a blend of lectures, case studies, exercises, and groupwork sessions, they hone their knowledge of international business and the work of an international manager.

Simulated business games and commercial projects conducted in real-life conditions provide students with the chance to apply the knowledge accrued whilst developing their autonomy when taking decisions and improving their skillset in the areas of cooperation and communication

Teaching format

Over the course of their time at Paris School of Business, students receive a varied teaching approach in order to nurture their creativity and adaptability.

Teaching formats :

  • Groupwork
  • Theory classes
  • Professional simulation exercises
  • Inverted classes
  • Business Games
  • Full-semester projects
  • Workshops

Assessment methodology

Successful completion of the five required blocks delivers the intended diploma in International Business at Bachelor level and the associated level 6 RNCP certificate.

The skill validation frame of reference is based upon written and oral assessment methods, including the following:

Case studies :

  • Professional simulation exercises
  • Roleplay exercises
  • Individual and group projects
  • Professional placement report

Current academic year: 2023-2024

Admissions procedure for the Bachelor in International Business

The admissions procedure for acceptance onto the third year of the Bachelor’s program comprises analysis of an application dossier, an English test and a one-to-one interview.

1. Comprehensive application dossier analysis

 Application dossier

 ID photo

 Copy of ID

 Photocopies of diplomas obtained and reports from Baccalaureate (end-of-secondary) level onwards (officially certified and translated into French for non-French documents)


 Covering letter

 French test results obtained (TCF, DELF/DALF) if French is not the native language

 Supporting statement from a teacher, head of institution, or an employer (not mandatory but strongly recommended)

 €100, covering admin fees (€50 for French state scholarships upon presentation of a definitive scholarship allocation for the year in progress).

2. English test

 English test results obtained (IELTS/TOEFL TOEIC) in last two years for applicants to have already taken a test.

 If the candidates are not in a position to provide this official grade, they receive a link to an online test.

Minimum level required for applicants to programs in English:


3. Individual interview

 The aim of this interview is to assess the degree of motivation and open-mindedness of the candidates, as well as to evaluate the complementarity of their personality, their knowledge and the teaching delivered at Paris School of Business.

It is also designed to assess their ability to imagine/construct an idea and suggest an original solution to an issue.

Personalized support

We offer personalized support for people suffering from disabilities as well as for sportspeople, artists, and entrepreneurs. To find out more, consult our specially dedicated page.

2022 Results indicators


of students continuing studies


of graduating students currently employed


satisfied with the training received


of Bachelor’s students obtained their diploma

Following successful completion of the Bachelor  in International Business specialization, graduates can aspire to a wide range of positions, such as the following:  

  • Purchaser
  • Logistics & Purchasing Assistant
  • Head of International Affairs
  • Junior Product Manager
  • Import-Export Salesperson

Continuation of studies

Graduates may also opt to continue their studies by choosing to take a Master of Science or our Master’s program.

Master of Science

The MSc provides the opportunity to obtain a dual managerial and technical skillset with a view to an international career. The school offers an array of MSc specializations.



The Master Program

Following the Bachelor’s program, the Master’s period of study lasts two years and can be accessed via the parallel admissions procedure. It is available with 15 specializations, 13 of which are carried out in work-study mode over two years.


Tuition fees

The cost of the training program is €9 500 per year, several financing options are available:


The CROUS state scholarship is allocated depending upon the parents of a student’s tax return and based upon the income of the household, the number of dependent children and the distance from the school or university. It is paid in 10 monthly installments by the Crous, via bank transfer.

Financial support for students going abroad:

  • The European Erasmus scholarship
  • Regional financial aid
  • The OFAJ scholarship
  • The AMOPA scholarship

Other scholarships

Students may also receive financial help from:

  • Their parents’ employers
  • FEDEEH scholarship


An agreement between Paris School of Business and the banks BNP Paribas, LCL and Société Générale facilitates access to deposit-free loans.

These banks offer preferential interest rates to business school students with a guarantor, thereby enabling them to finance their studies.

The State-guaranteed student loan

The State has at its disposal a student loan guarantee fund in partnership with several banking organizations (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, C.I.C, Banque Populaire and certain Caisses d’Épargne). They may grant a loan of up to €15 000 for students under 28 years old, of French, EU or EEA nationality, with no required level of income, parental or third-party guarantee.



For any questions regarding our Bachelor’s program, you are invited to contact the Admissions Service.

Fanta BAYA

Bachelor Programs Admissions Officer


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