MSc in Arts & Cultural Management

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MSc in Arts & Cultural Management
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Key Points

  • 100% IN ENGLISH
  • Full immersion in the Art & Culture industry through multiple business study tours and partnership with Iesa School of arts
  • Paris, one of the top arts and cultural capitals of the world

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College Graduate
January 2022, October 2022
MSc in Arts & Cultural Management
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October 2022
The Master of Arts & Cultural Management is taught in partnership with IESA, a leading institution in the field of art management in Europe. At the end of the program, students are awarded two degrees: an MSc from Paris School of Business and an MBA from IESA. Students learn to fully understand both sides of the spectrum in arts and culture and in business. They also get to take advantage of their location in Paris, making it their extended classroom.

Master degree in Social Psychology from the L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

With ten years of professional experience in arts administration and cultural management in the cultural sector, Cynthia Cervantes is the head of the international department of the Institute des Etudes Supérieures des Arts and the head of the arts and cultural management specialization of the MSc in International Management at PSB Paris School of Business. She teaches project methodology and supervises student exhibitions curated in partner institutions. Mentoring master level students and education management are her key areas of specialization.

The program provides a unique space for arts and culture enthusiasts to develop the business knowledge and skills to lead arts and culture organizations effectively and responsibly. In this multidisciplinary approach, students develop skills across many sectors including fundraising and financial strategy, events management, staffing, and creative marketing.

Gaining first-hand experience is a key component of the MSc program, and thanks to the school’s prime location in Paris, the city becomes your classroom!

You will also participate in three business tours and company visits in other EU cities in order to gain in-depth knowledge of the European arts and cultural markets.

  • Experience total immersion in the arts and cultural industries thanks to business tours
  • Learn firsthand from experts and industry leaders during company visits
  • Expand your professional network

Previous business tours and company visits include: Louvre museum, Versailles palace, Fontainebleau, the Lyon Biennial, the Venice Biennial, TEFAF art fair in Maastricht, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels to name but a few.

See arts and culture in a different light. Acquire an entrepreneurial perspective in the management of, and advocacy for, arts and cultural organizations. Learn the behind the scenes work and choose to specialize in the art or performing art track.

French expertise for an international career

Immerse yourself in the world’s artistic and cultural capital: Paris. The City of Light provides you with the perfect environment to study for your specialized MSc in Art & Cultural Management.

Thanks to the myriad of astounding museums, galleries, and monuments, the program takes full advantage of the abundant art and cultural life that Paris has to offer.

The MSc program is designed to prepare you to meet the demands of the complex art and culture industry, whilst catering for diverse audiences.

Combining core courses rooted in business practices together with art history and cultural studies, you will be equipped to become a dynamic, innovative and creative business manager in arts and cultural sectors.

  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Digital Business
  • Leveraging design for a better growth
  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Leadership 
  • Digital Transformation & Fintech Data Visualization 
  • Purchasing Management: The Difference Between Success and Failure in Business Strategy

Art track

  • Art History - Intermediate
  • Economics of The Art Market & Data Analytics
  • Contemporary Art History
  • Museum, Art & Heritage: Preservation, Law & Policy
  • Mounting Exhibitions
  • Curating Exhibitions
  • Expertise of Modern & contemporary Art

Performing Art Track

  • History of Performing Arts
  • Event Management
  • European Policy & Cultural Heritage Management
  • Economies of Cultural industries
  • Performance Arts Management Practices
  • Survey of Cultural Industries
  • Performing Arts Production
  • Critical Analysis of the Media

Ethics and Leadership Skills

Be a capable, innovative leader who can navigate increasingly complex environments while advancing the unique role of arts and culture in making a difference in communities. Develop greater confidence in your capabilities and learn how to foster effective teamwork.

Some of the Leadership & Professional Seminars included in the program:

  • Advanced Productivity Digital Tools
  • Career Management
  • Leadership & Management Seminar

Global Awareness and Immersion Skills

Paris is a treasure trove for arts and culture. We give our students access to unlock its value with unrivaled business tours, networking opportunities and activities. Students also benefit from taking modules at leading partner school IESA School fo Arts.

Decision Making Skills

decision making skills

Students engage in a team-based and collaborative learning community to enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills for managing enterprises focused in arts and culture. They also develop competencies in reconciling the artistic, business and social aspects necessary for those working in the field.

Opening the door to a plethora of career opportunities:

Graduates will have the management and strategic thinking skills needed to be successful in this constantly evolving field. They will be wellplaced to open doors and supply the need for creative leaders in government agencies, arts venues, cultural museums, arts networks, and the private sector. Potential positions include:

  • Art Expert
  • Artist Management
  • Artistic Directorship
  • Digital Communications & Marketing
  • Event Production
  • Exhibition Curation
  • Festival Management
  • Gallery Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Revenue Development
  • Special Events Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Theatre Production

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