MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics

MSc Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics

Entry level
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

“Manager Produits et Marketing” level 7*

1 year, intakes in September and January

100% English


between €13 575 and €17 075


The Master of Science in Management is a diploma designed for young graduates looking for a specialization or professionals wanting to increase their skills in a specific field. 

The MSc in Marketing Strategy & Data Analytics is designed to give students the practical skills to analyze consumer data in order to make successful marketing decisions.

With an ever-increasing volume of consumer information available, understanding how to analyze and interpret data is an increasingly vital skill.

Graduates will understand how to forecast and influence business decisions using insight provided by modelling, analyzing techniques and consumer information.

*RNCP title n°35960

Aim of the specialization

The MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics enables its students to acquire the necessary skills in data management to access all modern functions related to marketing.

Data is at the heart of identifying the most promising insights and of managerial decision-making.

The MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics allows students to understand data, discern the most relevant ones and know how to use them to create value.


  • Discovering and practicing Python
  • Mastering data management with Excel
  • Mastering data visualization via Tableau
  • Improved decrypting of the marketing environment, including in times of crisis
MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics

Competency targets

. Defining the company’s marketing strategy

2. Deploying the marketing strategy

3. Implementing the marketing plan

 Managing quality monitoring

A word from the Head of Specialization


"Learn how to identify, collect, manage, and understand marketing data for profitable use as well as how to turn that information into relevant and effective marketing tactics.»

Jean-Marc LEHU
PhD, HDR, Head of the MSc Marketing Strategy & Data Analytics


Nationalities on the campus


Associate professors

17 700


*Paris Business School figures

Program description

With this program, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to extract relevant insight from data for a more predictive marketing strategy.

The course examines valuable techniques used to identify, collect, manage, and understand marketing data for profitable use as well as how to turn that information into relevant and effective marketing tactics.

Graduates will be able to create and implement a successful marketing strategy using innovative real-time induction models and data mining.

Students start with learning the important concepts of business such as human resources, finance, and international business.

Students then learn to apply business fundamentals to marketing practice while they exercise their leadership and teamwork skills and deepen their specialization in data analytics.

This includes statistical modeling, quantitative analysis, and use of analytical software.

At the end of the course, each student demonstrates the integration of business, marketing, and analytical skills to make data-driven marketing decisions that drive business results.

Key Points:

 Innovative fields of study

 Mastering data and marketing to set disruptive strategies

 Business Trip: a study trip to London is organized during the academic year, usually in May. Students need to arrange their visa accordingly

Assessment methodology

The assessment methodology is as follows:

  • Simulation exercises
  • Analysis of professional practice

Admission to the MSc Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics

To be admitted onto the MSc Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics, students have to go through an examination procedure

The first step is screening by the Admissions Jury of:


 Covering letter

 Undergraduate degree and transcripts


 TOEFL/IELTS results

 Letter of recommendation

 Application fee

Then, the Dean of the program will interview eligible candidates and the Admissions Jury will communicate the admission result 1-3 weeks after the interview stage.

 Applicants must hold a 4-year Bachelor degree.

 An option for holders of a 3-year degree requires the acquisition of extra credits via a 4-month fast-track program.

ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants).

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

Results indicators


graduates over the period 2018-20


of students in employment work in France in the 6 months following graduation


of students in employment work abroad in the 6 months following graduation


of students employed 6 months after graduation are on unlimited-term contracts and primarily have managerial status (60%)


of students in professional activity created their own business


of success rate for the 2022 class

Career opportunities

Graduates will possess the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a consumer and market expert who drives innovation product, marketing, and strategy decisions. These positions are desirable in a number of industries, allowing graduates to utilize their marketing expertise in a field of their choice.

These roles may include:

  • Advertising account management
  • Brand management
  • Insights & experience management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Digital marketing management
  • Marketing data science
  • Market research analysis

Tuition fees


The standard duration of the program is one year requiring the candidate to obtain 90 ECTS.

However, if the candidate is admitted with a 3-years Bachelor degree, he or she needs to attend the 4-month fast track program in addition to the 1-year program (90 + 30 = 120 ECTS).

The tuition fees of the MSc program depend on the entry level. ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

  • Applicants with a 4-year bachelor: €13 575 (90 ECTS)
  • Applicants with a 3-year bachelor: €17 075 (120 ECTS)



For any questions regarding the MSc Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics Program, please contact the Admissions Department.


Admission Officer MSc Program


Chief Marketing Officer - Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts 

I highly recommend the MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics program at Paris School of Business. As a recent graduate of the program, I can confidently say that it provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of marketing and data analytics.

The curriculum was well-rounded, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of marketing strategy and data analytics. The professors were experts in their respective fields and provided valuable insights and real-world examples to help us understand the concepts. The coursework was challenging but rewarding, and I felt well-prepared for the professional world upon graduation.

Overall, the MSc in Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics program at Paris School of Business is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field and develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a career in marketing and data analytics !

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