International Bachelor in Management in Paris

International bachelor in management

Entry level 
from Baccalaureate / high school diploma

Bachelor Degree

Durée de formation

3 years, intakes in January and September


French/English or 100% English

Study mode

Full-time and work-study

Frais de scolarité
Tuition fees

€9 500 per year

Presentation of the International Bachelor in Management


The International Bachelor in Management is a 3-year program accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, conferring the Licence degree (Bac+3 - Level 6*). It is internationally accredited by AACSB and BGA.

The program is composed of a first year dedicated to the learning of Management bases, followed by a second, internationally oriented year and a third year of specialization.

The Bachelor helps students become responsible, operational, and international Business Developers. This training nourish their expertise and their soft skills.

From the first year, students can choose to study in French or in English by opting for the French Track or the English Track on the Parcoursup platform.

* The "Diplôme en management général et international" delivered by Paris School of Business, level 6 (NSF 313), is registered on the RNCP under number 36785 by decision of the General Director of France Compétences dated 01/09/2022

Ambition of the International Bachelor in Management's program


This course is designed to train operational managers for international companies through the knowledge of various management tools.

Bachelor students will acquire advanced skills in various fields such as negotiation techniques, marketing, sales, various financial and accounting operations and, of course, the essential skills in leadership and management.


Tailor-made courses


The Bachelor leads students to influence the course of their training depending on their profile and future aspirations. They build their studies by choosing the options that suit them best. Once in the 3rd year, they choose among the 7 specializations according to their professional project.

From theory to practice

The Bachelor places practice at the center of its training. It also emphasizes innovative teaching methods to make students decision-makers of their education: business games, project management, etc. The course features the accumulation of experience through projects, internships, and an international exchange.

A hybrid training

In addition to a classic course in Management, the Paris School of Business Bachelor allows students to attend immersive classes in partner schools. Whatever the field, they bring a complementary and creative dimension to the student’s training.

3 000
Partner companies

18 846

months of work experience on average

International partners

*Paris Business School figures 2023

Director’s word


"The Paris School of Business Bachelor is highly operational and designed for students interested in a multicultural professional world. The program is internationally oriented and offers our students the possibility to mould the content of their studies. Welcome to the Bachelor of General & International Management !"

Dean of Experts Programs

The 3-year Bachelor's program

1st year : Get involved and explore

Students take on responsibilities by getting involved in projects while studying the fundamentals of management. They are also embarking on a real international trade process with a partner company. In small groups, they face the economic, cultural, legal and logistical feasibility conditions of an international export project. A 2-month internship will allow them to put their skills into practice.

The hourly volume of courses for this year is 394hrs

2nd year : Open to international thanks to new technologies

Students go abroad for one semester minimum or 1 year as an option. On campus, they start a business development process with a partner company. In small groups, they carry out the feasibility study of this international development thanks to new technologies (e-commerce). A 2-month internship will allow them to put their skills into practice.

The hourly volume of courses for this year is 363hrs

3rd year : Specialization

Students have the possibility, depending on their specialization, to complete their last year of Bachelor in a work-study training format. 7 specializations in French or English are offered to students according to their career objectives:

Audit Management Accounting FR (work-study)
Bank & Finance EN (full time)
E-commerce & Digital Marketing FR (work-study)
International Business EN (full time)
Marketing & Communication FR/EN (work-study)
Marketing & Digital in Luxury EN (full time)
Start-up & Business Development FR (work-study) 

They select their courses in order to start or complete their specialization and they participate in a related Business Game.

If their specialization is not on a work-study basis, a 3-month internship will allow them to put their skills into practice.

The hourly volume of courses for this year is 539hrs

How to join the Bachelor Program ?

Admissions in the 1st year for students with a French high school diploma

1st year admission after Baccalaureate must be done through the Parcoursup platform and the SESAME exam. This exam is based on a written paper (in April) and the grades of the Parcoursup file of the student. If they are eligible, they will be asked to attend an admission interview at Paris School of Business.

For more information, please visit our dedicated page.


Admissions for international students

International students can enroll in the International Bachelor in Management at Paris School of Business in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of study.

The admission process is divided into three steps :

1. File review

ID photography

Copy of passport or identity card

A copy of high school diploma and any other diploma obtained since high school, with a translation in French if the original is not in English or French

A school certificate for the current academic year (2023/2024) if applicable

Resume and a cover letter

Reference letter from a professor or a former employer, or any relevant person including contact details of the referral

€100 for the application fees (€50 for state scholarship students upon presentation of the notified final decision

2. English level test 

Result of an official English level test : IELTS or TOEFL. This is mandatory if English is not the language mother tongue or if the student did not study for the last 2 academic years fully in English. To confirm if you need to take the English proficiency test, contact the Admission Team.

Minimum level required for applicants to an English program :

1st, 2nd and 3rd year: IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 70

4th year: IELTS 6 / TOEFL 80

(it is mandatory to have a IELTS or TOEFL to join the International Business specialization).

To join the Master in Management French track in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year : DELF or DALF, TCF with a B2 minimum Level (if French is not the mother tongue)

3. Individual interview

The purpose of this interview is to evaluate the motivation and open mindedness of the candidate as well as to assess the adequacy between his personality, his knowledge and the teaching provided at Paris School of Business. It also aims to assess the ability to imagine / build an idea and propose an original solution to a problem.

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

What to do after the course ?

Professional integration

After obtaining their Bachelor's degree, students can enter directly into working life. The program offers many career possibilities:

 Consolidation manager
Management accountant
 Administrative & financial manager
 Risk Manager
 Loan analyst
 Business manager 
 Customer adviser 
 Wealth Management Advisor
 Financial Advisor
 Digital marketing / E-commerce project manager
 Purchasing manager
 E-merchandising manager
 Traffic manager
 UX / UI Designer

 Product manager assistant
 Digital marketing manager
 Project manager
 Customer relationship officer
 Community Manager
 Logistic and Purchasing Assistant
 International business manager
 Junior product manager
 Import-export commercial
 Promotion manager 
 Project manager
 Marketing research manager
 Business development manager
 Sales manager
 E-business Consultant
 Business Creator
 Company Buyer
 Web marketeur

2022 results indicators


of students continue their education to Master level


are in professional activity


oof students are satisfied by the Bachelor


of Bachelor students obtained their degree

Drop-out rate during training: 4,71%

The specific indicators are calculated by the ministries in charge of professional training and national education and are available here.

Further Studies

Students can also opt for further education by joining a Master of Science or the Master in Management

Master of Science

MScs allow you to acquire dual managerial and technical skills for an international career. The school offers a wide range of MScs.

Discover our MScs


Master in Management

After the Bachelor, the Master cycle lasts 2 years and students have to go through parallel admissions in the 4th year. It offers 15 specializations, including 13 on a 2-year work-study program.

Discover the Master in Management


This program does not offer a link to any other course.


During their 2nd year at Paris School of Business, students have the opportunity to spend between 6 and 12 months abroad in one of our 51 partner universities in 20 countries. This international experience allow them to discover a new culture and a new way of seeing the world and their future career. On a daily basis at the school, they are also immersed in an international environment thanks to the presence of 107 different nationalities on campus, including 40% of Bachelor students coming from all over the world.

International projects

During their 3 years at Paris School of Business, student also build concrete international projects in order to become accustomed to the international environment and the particularities all countries have.

Tuition fees

1st year : €9 500
2nd year : €9 500
3rd year : €9 500

In the 3rd year, depending on their specialization, students are doing a work-study training and don’t pay the tuition fees. They are also considered as an employee and have a salary.



The CROUS state grant is delivered by the CROUS and attributed on the tax assessment (or non-tax assessment) of the student’s parents. This financial aid is attributed according to the income of the household, the number of children to support and the distance from the school. The grant is regularly transferred (in 10 monthly payments) by the CROUS, through bank transfer.

Grants for expatriations :

European Erasmus Grant ;
Regional aids ; 
OFAJ grant ;
AMOPA grant.

Other grants :

 The company where the student’s parents work ;
FEDEEH grants.


A partnership exists between Paris School of Business and the banks BNP Paribas, LCL and Société Générale that can help student get a loan without a guarantee. Those banks can give prime rates to students of great schools, if they have a guarantor.


The State student loan

The state can give loans to students in partnership with banks (La Société Générale, le Crédit Mutuel, le C.I.C, la Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Épargne).

They can offer loans up to €15 000 for students under 28 years old, French or from European Union of European Economic Area, without guarantee.

The International Bachelor in Management's pedagogy

Teaching methods

During their studies at Paris School of Business, students will receive a variety of courses that will allow them to develop their creativity and their ability to adapt.

The teaching methods are as follows:

  • Group work
  • Theoretical courses
  • Workplace situations
  • Inverted classes
  • Business Games
  • Semester pojects
  • Workshops

Assessment methodology

Validation of all 5 required blocks will lead to the Bachelor's degree in General and International Management and the associated RNCP level 6 title.

The organization of the validation of the skills in the reference framework is based on written and oral assessments such as:

  • Case studies
  • Professional situations
  • Role plays
  • Individual and group projects
  • Professional mission report

Current school year: 2023-2024

Competency targets

The Bachelor program is composed of 5 blocks of core competences and 5 blocks of optional competences. In order to obtain their Bachelor, students have to validate 6 blocks: the 5 blocks of core competences and one block of optional competence. If the student does not validate all the blocks required to obtain the professional certification, but does validate all the skills relating to a block, each of these skill blocks will be acquired definitively.

The blocks of core competences :

1. Deployment of a corporate strategy at department level

2. Management of an entity's financial activities

3. Transdisciplinary project management

 Team or department management

5. Development and enhancement of professional skills

The blocks of optional competences :

6. Developing an online business

7. Developing an international business

8. Develop a financial service

9. Develop a marketing and communications strategy

10. Create or develop an entrepreneurial activity

This program does not offer bridges or equivalence with other training.

However full or partial certification is possible (see the RNCP title sheet).

In addition, professional experience may lead to a validation of acquired experience (VAE) upon request sent by e-mail to:

For more information on the VAE process at Paris School of Business, please consult the following page.



For any questions regarding the International Bachelor in Management, please contact the Admissions Department.

Fanta BAYA

Admission Officer Bachelor Program


Bachelor Marketing & Communication, Promotion 2022

After my baccalaureate, I chose to go to a business school because I was passionate about marketing. I chose Paris School of Business because it was strongly recommended to me by those around me. Today, I am a 3rd year Bachelor student in Marketing & Communication and I am convinced that I made the best choice. I study with very good teachers and classes are highly interesting.

Several arguments made me go to Paris School of Business: the first is that the school delivers a diploma recognized by the State, which was a real criterion for me. The second is that the program is oriented towards professionalization, which is very important to students today.

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