About Us

About Us - PSB
Founded in 1974, Paris School of Business is a school offering various programs from undergraduate programs (International Bachelor in Management), to graduate programs (Master in Management), and post graduate programs (MSc, MBA, DBA).

Cited as one of the top post-baccalaureate schools in France, its Master in Management offers a 5-year course leading to an official Master level degree which is also internationally accredited by AMBA (since October 2014), EFMD (since February 2019), AACSB (since February 2020) and BGA (since September 2020). 

The School is accredited by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research as regards its BBA (visa certification) and Master (visa and grade certification). In addition, Paris School of Business is part of the prestigious “French Grande Ecole“ (CGE). 

The Master Programme also benefits from the AMBA and EFMD Accredited Programme international accreditations and is often mentioned as a reference in France (top 3 post-bac Business School).

Our Philosophy

Our pedagogy aims to meet the expectations of companies looking for talent with appropriate managerial competencies and attitudes, as well as the necessary technical skills and ‘know-how’.

Our academic philosophy revolves around 3 themes: Savoir (cognitive skills, i.e. knowledge and learning), Savoir-Faire (professional skills) and Savoir-Etre (social skills, i.e. emotional intelligence and leadership development):

  • Leadership workshops in partnership with the Cours Florent acting school,
  • A focus on student life and clubs,
  • A unique extra-curricular journey of personal awareness known as U Discover: 400 events organised throughout the year including conferences (business leaders, politicians, intellectuals, etc.), corporate and institutional visits (political, cultural, etc.) and humanitarian actions at the heart of it all.

Dean's Message

Paris School of Business students are set to experience an exciting and decisive time in their lives.
They join us with enthusiasm and aspirations which are all so similar, yet so different.

"The fever of youth is what keeps the rest of the world at a normal temperature," Georges Bernanos once wrote.

Paris School of Business’ mission is to nourish this creative spirit. We give our students the opportunity to live out their aspirations, develop, and assert themselves while acting as responsible members of global society and contributing to the communities in which they live.

Paris School of Business continuously strives to enhance the “joy of learning” so that students are able to fully explore their potential. Our aim is for students to grow into well-rounded and caring global citizens with strong moral values which will shape their decisions, whether it be on a local or global scale, today or tomorrow.

Thus, as knowledge is the bearer of responsibility, Paris School of Business aligns knowledge with know-how and interpersonal skills.

And so goes the school motto: "Where Business Meets Creativity".

Missions and Values


In a world where creativity and innovation have become the key to economic success, Science is increasingly turning to the Arts to invent new ways of accessing knowledge, and education specialists towards the Arts to disrupt traditional teaching models. Faced with unprecedented technological, societal, economic and political change, along with the need to take into account new ecological challenges, the role of creative disciplines has never been so crucial.

In this context, ‘Paris School of Business will position itself as an international Business School with a mission to educate Leaders who are creative, agile, open-minded and equipped with cognitive skills developed around new emotional, collaborative and systemic intelligences’.

  • We are committed to inspiring, fostering, nurturing, welcoming and sharing the highest level of hybrid skills, mixing business and creativity, with our community of learners, mentors, researchers and partners.
  • We are committed to boldly embracing the future challenges of our world and see them as incredible opportunities for business innovation.
  • We are committed to acting as ambassadors of the Parisian lifestyle, ethos, culture and open-minded creativity.
  • We are committed to identifying and solving societal challenges and building an innovative future.



As the world evolves towards a more volatile state, the business thinkers, doers, makers and shakers who succeed will be those who think and act creatively


  • Pluralism

Business creativity is achieved by individuals who neither see nor put up barriers between disciplines. By allowing business expertise to combine with creative thinking, artistic inspiration, design acumen, theatrical performance, fashion sense or coding intelligence, we create the best possible conditions for the emergence of multidimensional business innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and team players. 

  • Agility

Our focus on developing a combination of hard and soft skills, along with the constant innovation and evolution of our pedagogical approach, are the pillars that will prepare learners at Paris School of Business to adapt successfully to real-world and real-time situations in volatile environments. 

  • Responsability

The faculty, management team and administrative support staff value honesty, integrity, and dignity in their interactions with colleagues and students. They seek to act in compliance with the highest standards of professional ethics at all times. For these reasons, we adhere to the Principles for Responsible Management Education - PRME (United Nations Global Compact). 

  • Inclusiveness

We value the potential for success, innovation or leadership in each individual, whatever their social background, preferences, beliefs or origins. We see business as a means of interacting with large and diverse communities, whether in our immediate neighbourhood or in the world at large. Diversity is a powerful source of creativity.

  • Singularity

Because uniformity is the enemy of creativity, we encourage each learner, mentor, researcher or member of staff to create their own path throughout their journey with Paris School of Business and beyond.

The nature of our values also explains the central role of creativity in our approach, both as a way of thinking and as a discipline for output: we aim to be creative and useful at the same time.

International Partners

Paris School of Business has 157 international partner universities. Among these partners, some are prestigious institutions such as London School of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Fudan University in Asia, Monash University in Australia, Boston University, McGill University or UCLA and UC Berkeley, etc. 


Pedagogy and Orientation

Pedagogical Orientation

The pedagogical orientation of the school is reflected by:

  • a number of leaderships seminars including acting courses in collaboration with the famous acting School “Cours Florent”; 
  • the importance given to the students clubs activities including a number of projects financed by a yearly budget of €1 million; 
  • and the extra-curricula activities encompassed by the Udiscover programme providing unique opportunities to choose from a large range of activities with an agenda of 400 events per year comprising conferences (with entrepreneurs, politics, intellectuals, etc.) ; in companies, and political and cultural institutions field studies, humanitarian oriented events and projects.

The above elements constitute the pedagogical orientation of the school which is best described by its moto: Where Business Meets Creativity


Courses at Paris School of Business aim to educate our students to ultimately become creative and agile graduates who distinguish themselves as life-long learners throughout their careers. 

Three categories of skills are developed (new intelligences) throughout our courses and modules: 

  • Cognitive skills: creativity, critical thinking, the ability to process complex information;
  • Socio-emotional skills: leadership, empathy, adaptability;
  • Literacy and technological skills: information, media, digital, big data, web development, artificial intelligence, etc. 

In a world that is increasingly digital and dynamic, Paris School of Business goes beyond the simple transfer of soft skills by putting the ability to learn at the heart of its pedagogical model thanks to an approach at 3 levels: 

  1. We equip our students with knowledge and understanding of the major transitions they will be faced with as future graduates, including the digital, ecological and demographic transitions.
  2. We offer our students access to modules and courses in the areas of Art & Culture, Innovation & Technology, and the Political Sciences.
  3. Our students attend monthly conferences on ‘International Futures’, with guest speakers who are philosophers, lawyers, journalists, sociologists, physicians, and so on.

In order to enable our students to acquire these new intelligences whilst at the same time offering them a unique hands-on experience, Paris School of Business is able to benefit in part from the expertise of the Galileo network of schools both in France and overseas. 

Our students will therefore be offered 3 types of hybrid learning model: 

1. Experiential hybridization: students participate in seminars and workshops during Masters in Management programme, called ‘Creative Tracks’. These immersion-style seminars benefit from Schools belonging to the Galileo Global Education network in France, but also overseas ;

2. Additional hybridization: dual degree programmes leading to a double degree qualification (e.g., Strate School of Design, Cours Florent, and Web School Factory)

3. Integrated hybridization: Paris School of Business is able to offer students integrated hybrid learning pathways via joint qualifications awarded by schools from the GGE network (50%-50%). This allows each student to benefit from two levels of hybrid learning experience during their programme of studies through soft skill seminars and immersion seminars.



Governance within Paris School of Business has two purposes: compliance with the requirements of the Grande Ecole status, as well as ensuring continuous strategic monitoring, analysis and reflection.

The management board at Paris School of Business has set up 8 councils and 17 commissions which are necessary for the continuity and development of the school:

  • Directors’ Council
  • Management Council
  • Development Council
  • Scientific Council
  • Association Council
  • International Advisory board

Representatives from the corporate world :

  • Richard BOULIGNY - Directeur Adjoint Crédit Agricole Finance
  • Xavier CORNU - Vice Director Crédit Agricole Finance
  • Christine COSTARD - General Director and CA BDO France member
  • Karine DOUKHAN - CEO KAREL (Israel)
  • Alexandre EHRLACHER - President of the Paris School of Business Alumni association
  • Nicole GUEDJ - Former Minister for Victime Rights, Founder and President « Casques Rouges » Fondation, Lawyer
  • Benjamin STEVENIN - ACADEM Director

Representatives from academic institutions :

  • Amadou DIAW - Dean, ISM Dakar (Senegal)
  • Benoit CHALIFOUX - Vice International Dean, UQAM (Canada)
  • Sompid KATTIYAPIKUL - Dean, Silpakorn University International College (Thailand)
  • Ramiro SALAS BRAVO - President, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru)
  • Stefania VALENTI - Dean, Istituto Marangoni

Representatives from Paris School of Business & GGE :

  • Philippe JAMET – Dean, Paris School of Business
  • Vanessa DIRIART - Director, Galileo Global Education – GGE France

Board of Directors

Philippe Jamet

Philippe Jamet

Dean of Paris School of Business

Héger Gabteni

Academic and Research Director

Emilie Raulet

Emilie Raulet

Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs

Stéphanie Bronner

Director of the academic affairs


Manuela Beurdeley

Communication & Institutional Relations

Ombline de CORIOLIS

Ombline de Coriolis

Dean of development


Antoine Veniard

Director of Programs & Student Experience

Philippe Jamet

David Kalisz

Dean of Expert Programs

Mathilde Brouillet

Head of Admissions

Chiraz Aouina-Mejri

Master in Management Director

Elisa Speciale

Director of Career Services

Ombline de CORIOLIS

Rabih Haddad

International Relations Director

Sophie Combepeyroux

Marketing & Communication Director

Nicolas Grönqvist

Head of Accreditations & Quality Department