Doctorate of Business Administration

Executive DBA
Executive DBA
Practical information
Entry level
Master or equivalent + professional experience
Exit level
December & April

Key Points



Next intake


December 2018

• 3 year program

• Applied research tailored to your background and career goals

• 100% in English 

• Small class size

• Mostly distance work, mixed with a few seminars and workshops in Paris & at our international partner institutions

• Tailor-made coaching and high level of supervisory support

• International Faculty of academics and leading professionals


Why Choosing the Doctorate of Business Administration?

Take your career to the next level whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

If you are looking to boost your career and to bring economic and social value to the international community, then the Doctorate in Business Administration is the program for you.


The decision to pursue a doctorate degree is one of the most important decisions a person can ever make. The DBA program is a fully-fledged Doctoral degree, but contrary to the Ph.D., there is a focus on professional experience.


Designed to fit the demanding lifestyle of executives and professionals, the Doctorate of Business Administration will give you the necessary tools to contribute to production and dissemination of the applied science in the areas of management and business administration. This is acheived through a rigorous and tailor-made coaching by our doctoral faculty both at a distance and during seminars in Paris.


The DBA experience challenges you to sharpen your critical and analytical expertise. You will develop your research skills to become an expert in your field with a proven ability to think outside of the box


executive dba
executive dba

Excellence Through Research

  • 1 research laboratory
  • 4 cross-disciplinary chairs
  • 58 research professors
  • 238 articles in the media
  • 142 scientific contributions since January 2015, and more than 1380 since 2010

Reaching For The Top

The DBA program broadens your professional horizons enabling you to climb further up the corporate ladder.


For Doctors, career boosting opportunities are endless. Many go on to become faculty members of top business schools, high level consultants, or progress to board level roles.

Schedule, Seminars & Workshops

Continuous support and guidance from expert DBA faculty 

The first and second year Seminars and Workshops will be held on campus in Paris. The third year Seminars are offered in Paris and at our international partner institutions. The development of your research and thesis will be carried out at a distance.



Introduction to research methods at the Doctoral level


Philosophical approaches to management research and data collection techniques


Advanced quantitative research methods


Advanced qualitative research methods


Negotiating access to data and research ethics


Preliminary dissertation workshop


Preparing the defense workshop


Preliminary defense

809, 810, 811, 812

Preparing the final defense workshops

executive dba schedule
executive dba schedule

December Intake


Year 1

in Paris

Session 1: 801 + 802 + 803

(8 days/72 hours)

Session 2: 804 + 805

(5 days/40 hours)




Year 2

in Paris

Session 3: 806 + 807 +808

(5 days/40 hours)


Year 3

in Paris or International Partner Institutions

Session 4: 809 + 810 + 811 + 812

(4 days/32 hours)


April Intake


Year 1

in Paris

Session 1: 801 + 802 + 803

(9 days/72 hours)

Session 2: 804 + 805

(5 days/40 hours)




Year 2

in Paris

Session 3: 806 + 807 + 808 (5 days/40 hours)


Year 3

in Paris or International Partner Institutions

Session 4: 809 + 810 + 811 + 812

(4 days/32 hours)


Who Can Apply?

Managers and Executives

wanting to strengthen their company's competencies and use research methods to bring new light to important corporate issues.


wishing to bring an understanding and know-how to their clients in a specific field.

Advanced Students

who after their MBA (or equivalent) degree want to develop a research know-how and cutting-edge knowledge in their chosen field.

Teachers of Business

wanting to advance an aspect of applied research and identify themseleves as an expert in their field. 







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