What is an International Campus in Paris?

What is an International Campus in Paris?

PSB Paris School of Business is one of the rare business schools in France to have over 103 nationalities on campus. The diversity of our students is a real advantage for studying abroad. Meet fellow students from all over the world and study in English in the heart of Paris!

Where do our students come from?


26% of our students are European. Only 10% of all our International Programs are French. Other european contries represented on campus include Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, UK, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Albania, Slovenia, Georgia, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Ukraine, Iceland, Croatia and Norway.


At PSB International Programs, 1 in 5 students comes from Africa.

Most of them come frome Egypt, Nigeria, or Morocco, but we also have students from Ghana, Tunisia, Tanzania, Cameroun, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Angola, Gambia, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Ouganda or the Ivory Coast.

Middle East

14% of our students are from the Middle East.

Most of them are Lebanese, Qatari or Iranian students, but we also have students coming from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Oman or Jordania.

North America

11% of our students are from North America.

USA is the most represented country, along with Canada and Mexico. Some of our students also come from Jamaica, Panama and Costa Rica.

South America

As of today, 4% of our students come from South America.

We have students coming from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Equador.