MSc in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

MSc in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Entry level 
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

RNCP Title
“Manager de la performance achats” level 7*

Durée de formation

1 year, intakes in September and January


100% English

Study mode


Frais de scolarité
Tuition fees

Between €14 500 and €18 000


The Master of Science in Management is a diploma designed for young graduates looking to specialize or professionals wanting to increase their skills in a specific field. 

Increased global logistical and sourcing complexity and the constant need for digitalization all emphasize the importance of effective and sustainable Purchasing & Supply chain Management.

The MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management help our students to develop their expertise in order to become a competitive manager in this field.  

*Titre de Manager de la performance achats délivré par ESGCV-MBA ESG, NSF 312p, niveau 7 enregistré au RNCP sous le numéro 34201 par décision du Directeur Général de France Compétences du 10/09/2019

Ambition of the specialization

This course is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of managing the continuous flow of goods and services. 

During this program, future students will:

  • Enhance their skills in meeting corporate and user’s product and service requirements.
  • Master the supplier selection and performance criteria related to cost, quality, delivery, service, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Be exposed to the multiple Supply Chain challenges and risks in uncertain times.
  • Understand the many changes that have occurred and perceive the rapidly changing role of Procurement and Supply Chain professionals.


A complete program

Students develop a strong foundation in all aspects of Purchasing and Supply Chain that require operational skills combined with a clear management vision.

A course oriented towards practice 

Students acquire professional knowledge and inspiration from Corporate Case studies in various industry and service sectors.

Teaching adapted to the present time

The specialization focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Purchasing strategies, supplier selection and performance monitoring. These subjects are a central topic of our generation and will help them become innovative leaders.

MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management students

Competency targets

The professional certification (or RNCP title) prepared by the Paris School of Business Master of Science in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management is made up of skill blocks. To validate their diploma and obtain the associated RNCP title, students must validate each of the skill blocks in the required qualification framework.

If the student does not validate all the blocks required to obtain the professional certification, but does validate all the skills relating to a block, each of these skill blocks will be acquired definitively.

1. Devise a supply chain and purchasing strategy

2. Choose suppliers capable of meeting the challenges and requirements of the organization

3. Manage relations with suppliers

 Assess purchasing performance

5. Manage in-house and external teams

This program does not offer bridges or equivalence with other training. 

However, full or partial certification is possible (see the RNCP title sheet).

In addition, professional experience may lead to a validation of acquired experience (VAE) upon request sent by e-mail to: 

For more information on the VAE process at PSB, please consult the following page

Head of specialization’s word

"As the field is expanding, graduates will be able to obtain good positions in industry, international trade and services.»


Nationalities on the campus


Associate professors



*Paris Business School figures 2023

Program description

With this program, students explore current and potential trends in logistics, global sourcing, and operations at a senior management level.

They learn to identify efficient application of technologies, processes, and leadership required by companies in order to set up more resilient supply chains.

The course will examine key strategic methods of delivering greater financial worth and superior customer service by integrating suppliers in corporate quality and new development processes.

They also participate in a number of excursions throughout the year allowing them to gain insight and experience connected with business and management practices.

Acquiring knowledge through experience is vital. A Business Tour is organized to one of the main European Supply Chain Hubs: students discover the complexity of this fascinating industry.

Conferences by professionals (Purchasing and supply chain experts from key players within the industry) are organized to enhance the link with experienced specialists.

Key Points:

 Mastering best purchasing practices and understanding new trends in Supply Chain optimization

 France and Paris: key strategic sourcing, logistic and Supply Chain hub in Europe

 Business-related extracurricular activities/outings organized to understand the field

The hourly course volume for this year is 525 hours for applicants with a 4-year Bachelor and 705 hours for applicants with a 3-year bachelor.

Assessment methodology

Tests are organized to validate the knowledge and skills required to obtain the Paris School of Business MSc Purshasing & Supply Chain Management.

The organization of the validation of the competences of the referential is articulated around the following modalities:

  • Practical cases
  • Written and oral assessments
  • Final consulting project: professional simulation exercise
  • Roleplay: supplier negotiation
  • Managerial situations

Current school year: 2023-2024

Admission to the MSc Arts & Cultural Management program

To get into the MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, candidates have to go through an examination procedure

The first step is screening by the Admissions Jury of:


 Covering letter

 Undergraduate degree and transcripts


 TOEFL/IELTS results

 Letter of recommendation

 Application fee

Then, the Dean of the program will interview eligible candidates and the Admissions Jury will communicate the admission result 1-3 weeks after the interview stage.

 Applicants must hold a 4-year Bachelor degree.

 An option for holders of a 3-year degree requires the acquisition of extra credits via a 4-month fast-track program.

ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

Results indicators 2022


graduates over the period 2018-20


of students in employment work in France in the 6 months following graduation


of students in employment work abroad in the 6 months following graduation


of students employed 6 months after graduation are on unlimited-term contracts and primarily have managerial status (60%)


of students in professional activity created their own business


of success rate for the 2022 class

Drop-out rate during training: 6,98%

Career opportunities

As the sectors of purchasing and supply chain are expanding, graduates will be able to land job opportunities in a multitude of fields in established sectors such as industry, consumer goods and services, and international trade, or in newly emerging fields.

Potential career opportunities include:

  • Distribution Management
  • International Purchasing Procurement
  • Logistics and planning
  • Production and Inventory Management
  • Purchasing Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation & Warehousing

Tuition fees


The standard duration of the program is one year requiring the candidate to obtain 90 ECTS.

However, if the candidate is admitted with a 3-years Bachelor degree, he or she needs to attend the 4-month fast track program in addition to the 1-year program (90 + 30 = 120 ECTS).

The tuition fees of the MSc program depend on the entry level. ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

  • Applicants with a 4-year bachelor: €14 500 (90 ECTS)
  • Applicants with a 3-year bachelor: €18 000 (120 ECTS)



For any questions regarding the Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Program, please contact the Admissions Department.


Admission Officer MSc Program

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