Master in Investment & Financial Risk Management

Master in Investment & Financial Risk Management

Entry level
3 years of post-secondary study

Diploma awarded
State-recognized Master’s degree (5 years post-secondary, RNCP level 7*)

2 years, starting in September

Language of instruction

Work-study, 2 days in school/3 days in company

Tuition fees
€11 865 per year


The Masters Cycle of the Master in Management – Grande Ecole program comprises a two-year curriculum officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and is awarded with a Master’s-level diploma (5 years of post-secondary studies – Level 7*). It benefits from being delivered by a triple crown internationally accredited school (AACSB, AMBA and EFMD).

The Investment & Financial Risk Management specialization can be accessed via parallel admissions in the fourth year of studies (Master 1).

This specialization explores the impact of finance on the global economy, preparing its students for international careers in the world of finance.

At present, new prudential regulations around financial risk control have assumed added importance within financial institutions.

Risk management skills are increasingly sought after by these organizations, thereby creating a great many work opportunities, both in back and front office positions.

English being the official business language of all financial institutions, all classes are delivered in English.

The aim is to prepare students for international career opportunities in financial markets, trading rooms, and back offices.

*The level 6 (NSF 313) "Diplôme en management général et international" awarded by PSB Paris School of Business is RNCP registered under the reference number 36785 by the Director General of France compétences as of 01/09/2022.

Aim of the specialization

The main objective of the program is to train, guide and support students in acquiring the required theoretical and practical knowledge.

This will enable them to become managers and heads of companies, assisting them in creating their own made-to-measure professional path to reach this goal.

Strenghts of the program

Professional certifications

The specialization prepares students for certain professions and certifications, one of which (FMA) is mandatory in order to work in the finance sector. The other available certifications represent an important asset for the study program and the ability to progress professionally within the sector.

International component

Students may carry out one year of the program abroad and obtain a double degree at the University of Westminster (Master of Science in Investment & Risk Management) or the University of Boston (Master of Science in Economics & Finance).

Professional preparation

A large number of guest lecturers from the working world participate in the creation, delivery and validation of the program, including taking part in training students.

Master in Investment & Financial Risk Management

Skill objectives

For successful completion of their Masters, students must validate the five following skillsets.

If students do not validate all the skillsets required for obtaining the professional certificate but successfully complete all skills related to one of the sets, each of the skillsets concerned will have been definitively validated.

  1. Devising a departmental/organizational strategy
  2. Planning, optimizing, and managing the budget and coordination of z department and/or organization’s financial affairs
  3. Managing a transformation and/or innovation project in a national and/or international context
  4. Managing individual staff and teams
  5. Implementing a financial expertise/global management of financial risks policy within an international company

This program cannot be combined with another training program.

However, partial certification with another program is possible (see the RNCP diploma file).

In addition, prior professional experience may be validated with credits upon request, which must be submitted by email to:

For further information on the validation of prior experience at PSB, please visit the following page.

A word from the Head of Specialization

"The Master in Investment & Financial Risk Management program comprises top-level training in two complementary areas: corporate finance and market finance. The world in which we are currently evolving presents us with many challenges and changes of both a technological and behavioral nature, inciting companies to develop measures designed to cover risks of all types. The teaching and modules delivered as part of the program go to the very heart of these changes."

Head of specialization


Work-study contracts signed per year


Specializations 100% in work-study mode


Corporates partners



*Paris Business School figures 2023

Academic content

    The main aim of this program is to enable students to acquire skills and in-depth knowledge for analyzing markets and managing modern financial risks. Both years of the Master are carried out in work-study format

    1st year of the Master:


    The first year is divided into two semesters, the first of which forms the core course section of the program and the second of which is dedicated to specialized areas.

    2nd year of the Master:

    The second year is entirely dedicated to the specialization, during which students will delve more deeply into the knowledge acquired in the first year via classes taught face-to-face, project work,

    and activities linked to educational events such as conferences, seminars, internships, and study trips. This teaching will provide the following benefits to students:


    • Portfolio management, financial asset trading, speculative funds, and by-product skills.
    • Knowledge of international investment strategy, opportunity and threat analysis, and hedging strategy.
    • Added experience via research work into modern managerial issues.

    Total class time is 511hrs for the fourth year and 504hrs for the fifth.

    Teaching format

    Over the course of their time at Paris School of Business, students receive a varied teaching approach in order to nurture their creativity and adaptability.

    Teaching formats :

    • Groupwork
    • Theory classes
    • Professional simulation exercises
    • Inverted classes
    • Business Games
    • Common-theme projects
    • Workshops

    Assessment methodology

    Successful completion of the five required blocks delivers the intended Master in Management – Grande Ecole program diploma and the associated level 7 RNCP certificate.

    The skill validation frame of reference is based upon written and oral assessment methods, including the following:

    Case studies :

    • Professional simulation exercises
    • Roleplay exercises
    • Individual and group projects
    • Professional placement report

    Current academic year: 2023-2024


    The admissions procedure for entry onto a Master’s-level Paris School of Business program comprises analysis of an application dossier, an English test and a one-to-one interview.


    1. Comprehensive application dossier analysis

     Application dossier

     ID photo

     Copy of ID

     Photocopies of diplomas obtained and reports from Baccalaureate (end-of-secondary) level onwards (officially certified and translated into French for non-French documents)


     Covering letter

     French test results obtained (TCF, DELF/DALF) if French is not the native language.

     Supporting statement from a teacher, head of institution, or an employer (not mandatory but strongly recommended)

     €100, covering admin fees (€50 for French state scholarships upon presentation of a definitive scholarship allocation for the year in progress)

    2. English test

     English test results obtained (IELTS/TOEFL TOEIC) in last 2 years for applicants to have already taken a test.

    If you are not in a position to provide this official grade, you will receive a link to an online test.

    Minimum level required for applicants to programs in English:

    à 1st-3rd years : IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 70

    à 4th year : IELTS 6 / TOEFL 80

    3. Individual interview

     The aim of this interview is to assess your degree of motivation and open-mindedness, as well as to evaluate the complementarity of your personality, your knowledge and the teaching delivered at Paris School of Business.

    It is also designed to assess your ability to imagine/construct an idea and suggest an original solution to an issue.

    Personalized support

    We offer personalized support for people suffering from disabilities as well as for sportspeople, artists, and entrepreneurs.

    To find out more, consult our specially dedicated page.

    2022 Results Indicators


    of graduating students are in full employment


    found a job within six months following graduation

    €40 350

    average salary


    of students have found employment in line with their level of studies


    of Masters in Management – Grande Ecole students graduated

    Apprenticeship contract break rate: 3%

    Rate of break from studies in progress: 2.52%

    Specific indicators are calculated by ministries in charge of professional training programs and State Education. Available at:

    Following successful completion of the Investment & Financial Risk Management specialization, graduates can aspire to a wide range of positions, such as the following:

    • General Manager, President CEO
    • Export & Import
    • Consultant Licensing Manager / Director
    • Business Policy Consulting
    • International Marketing
    • Foreign Exchange Trading
    • Management Consultant
    • International Business Engineer

    The school does not offer any track beyond graduation from this program.

    Tuition fees

    This training program costs €11,865 per year and will be covered in their entirety by your host company since you will be registered on a work-study contract.

    In addition, as an employee of the company you will receive a salary.



    For any questions regarding the Investment & Financial Risk Management specialization, please contact the Admissions service.

    Céline Renault

    Head of Master in Management – Grande Ecole program admissions

    Auriane MICHEAU

    As part of the Paris School of Business Investment & Financial Risk Management specialization, I was able to take a gap year to broaden and apply my knowledge of finance, carrying out two six-month internships. The first was in mergers and acquisitions, the second in financial control at Société Générale. I then took the second year of the Master in work-study format in the financial risk control department of Veolia Environnement.

    This program also enabled me to obtain the FMA and Bloomberg certifications, which are a real plus on my CV. Thanks to association life, along with the international and professional opportunities that Paris School of Business offers, students can gain the knowledge required to fulfill their professional and personal projects

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