MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management

MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management

Entry level
4-year Bachelor degree (or 3-year with fast track)

“Manager en Marketing du Luxe” level 7*

1 year, intakes in September and January

100% English


between €19 675 and €23 175


The Master of Science in Management (MSc) is a post-graduate degree which provides an advanced level of training to students looking for a specialization or to professionals seeking to develop their expertise in a specific sector.

Paris, one of the greatest cities in the world, offers an exceptional opportunity to develop skills and expertise.

This specialization provides hands-on interaction with top-notch faculty members and professionals who have practical experience in the world of luxury and fashion.

Students are fully immersed in Parisian luxury factories and retailers, showrooms, and runways, to maneuver confidently in an exciting and competitive global industry.

RNCP title n°36015

Ambition of the specialization

Our main objective is to train our students to become the managers of tomorrow, by providing them with the broadest possible vision and culture of the luxury sector. 

We also seek to equip our students with skills based on both academic fundamentals and practical experience, providing them with the keys and codes of a fast-changing world so that they become agile and efficient.

The longer-term aim is to shape leaders who embody the new dimension of luxury, i.e., the ubiquity of digital and an increased awareness of sustainable development.

MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management


  • Hybrid training within the world's leading group in the world of education: a multitude of expert schools for the benefit of a single, tailor-made program

  • Partnerships with internationally renowned fashion schools

  • Exclusive business seminars and meetings with professionals

  • Professional export development projects and business challenges presented by students in front of a jury of expert professionals

  • Partnership with the most prestigious houses

  • Training provided by high-level academics combined with the expertise of professionals from the world of luxury

  • Learning within a multicultural environment which enables to brainstorm about projects with an international approach  

Competency targets

. Devising a marketing strategy for a company operating in the luxury sector.

2. Contributing to the development/entry into new markets of a luxury brand in France and/or abroad.

3. Luxury brand marketing and commercial strategy deployment.

Defining and running of a merchandising policy.

5. Guiding development of individuals in line manager mode.

A word from the Head of specialization

Valérie HAIE

"This program places students at the crossroads of Luxury, Fashion and Business by giving them a pragmatic and accurate vision of today's challenges and making them operational as soon as they graduate.»

Valérie HAIE
Head of the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management


Nationalities on the campus


Associate professors

17 700


*Paris Business School figures

Program description

Designed around a trillion-dollar world of distinctive products, students learn through a combination of coursework and immersive business activities.

The program covers essential management knowledge required to be successful in an international market as well as industry-specific skills in fields such as fashion, art, jewelry, beauty, hospitality, and gastronomy.

Students will explore the emergence of trends and their evolution across segments, all in the context of luxury branding and haute couture.

They are also taught about contemporary luxury market issues, such as Digital and Sustainability, thanks to professional faculty members who have practical experience in the Luxury Field.

Offered in partnership with IstitutoMarangoni, this MSc enables students to complete their curriculum with very specific skills required for Fashion and Haute-Couture.

Key Points:

 Full immersion in the luxury industry through multiple business tours

 Strong partnerships with French luxury companies

 Business school located in the World’s capital of Fashion; Paris becomes a classroom!

 Hybrid class: fashion related-courses are being taught by one leading school of the Galileo Group

Assessment methodology

The assessment methodology is as follows:

  • Case studies
  • Professional simulation exercises
  • Professional and/or consulting project 
  • Professional projects based on luxury business tours

Admission to the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management

To be admitted onto the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management, candidates have to go through an examination procedure

The first step is screening by the Admissions Jury of:


 Covering letter

 Undergraduate degree and transcripts


 TOEFL/IELTS results

 Letter of recommendation

 Application fee

Then, the Dean of the program will interview eligible candidates and the Admissions Jury will communicate the admission result 1-3 weeks after the interview stage.

 Applicants must hold a 4-year Bachelor degree.

 An option for holders of a 3-year degree requires the acquisition of extra credits via a 4-month fast-track program.

ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

Personalized support

We provide personalized support for people with disabilities as well as for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page.

Results indicators


of success rate for the 2022 class


of students are in employment in France in the 6 months following graduation


of students are in employment abroad in the 6 months following graduation


of the students employed 6 months after graduation are on unlimited-term contracts and primarily have managerial status (60%)


of students in professional activity created their own business

Career opportunities

With an understanding of the trends and practices in luxury and fashion management, graduates will have many opportunities in the field of luxury and fashion.

They will flourish in positions that include:

  • Brand Management: Brand manager, Communications officer
  • Digital Marketing: e-commerce project manager, expert social media, Media Content Project Manager, Digital Stylist, NFT Designer
  • Sustainable Development: Head of Social Impact & Sustainability Communication
  • Licensing Management: Brand licensing Manager
  • Merchandising Management: Visual Merchandiser, E-Merchandiser
  • Press Relations Management: Public and Press Relations, Head of Public relations
  • Retail Management & Purchasing: Personal Shopper, Supply Chain Manager, Retail Operations Director, Retail Network Director, Retail Business Unit Manager
  • Sales Management: Store Manager, sales assistant, brand ambassador

Tuition fees


The standard duration of the program is one year requiring the candidate to obtain 90 ECTS.

However, if the candidate is admitted with a 3-years Bachelor degree, he or she needs to attend the 4-month fast track program in addition to the 1-year program (90 + 30 = 120 ECTS).

The tuition fees of the MSc program depend on the entry level. ECTS: 90 (4-year Bachelor applicants), 120 (3-year + fast track applicants)

  • Applicants with a 4-year Bachelor: €19 675 (90 ECTS)
  • Applicants with a 3-year Bachelor: €23 175 (120 ECTS)



For any questions regarding the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management Program, please contact the Admissions Department.


Admission Officer MSc Program


Laurane EXILIE
Digital Communication Assistant - LVMH - promotion 2022

Thanks to business tours we had the chance to get a first foot in the field of luxury and to establish contact with people from several areas of the luxury world. This was an opportunity to see the knowledge passed on by Faculty members to us during the various courses applied in real life.

Whether through the visit to Cognac, Champagne, Deauville or Antwerp, we had the great chance to meet professionals who shared their passion for their profession with us.

I am truly convinced that these business trips have an important place in this Master in order to better understand how the luxury industry really works. Thus, we have been able to see that luxury is not only linked to fashion but is also found in other universes such as spirits or jewelry for instance.

On the social side, these business trips were an opportunity for us students to meet outside school and get to know each other better. It is undeniable that these trips allowed us to create real relationships, to be much more united and to create unforgettable memories.

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