MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management

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MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management
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Key points

Students of this program benefit from a dedicated faculty with extensive experience and knowledge of the Luxury industry, and are taught about contemporary luxury market issues, such as Digital and Sustainability, thanks to professional faculty members who have practical experience in the Luxury Field. Offered in partnership with IstitutoMarangoni, this MSc enables students to complete their curriculum with 90 hours of very specific skills required for Fashion and Haute-Couture.

  • Taught 100% in English in tandem with IstitutoMarangoni
  • Complete immersion into the Luxury Industry through multiple business study tours
  • Delivered in Paris, one of the fashion and luxury capitals of the world
  • Courses taught via a mix of interactive lectures and traditional coursework, case study, guest speakers from the academic and fashion business community, corporate visits and seminars

Duration : 1 year
Total ECTS : 90
Study Mode : Full-time

Kim Driessens

MSc Admissions Officer

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Next intake :
January 2023

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September 2023

*The “Manager en Marketing du Luxe” certification - ESGCV- MBA ESG – PSB – NSF 312 – Level 7. Registered with the RNCP as approved by France Compétences on 10/11/2021.

MBA specialized in Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management

Valérie Haie has worked in the luxury market for 15 years. Former Head of projects at ABC-Luxe Group, she uses her experience in organizing ultimate luxury study trips and seminars. She is author of the book "Donnez-nous notre luxe quotidien" (Ed. Gualino). She has also mentored 800 professional projects for about 15 years. Also, thanks to her wide network in Luxury business together with her transversal expertise in training strategies, she has founded her own company, Accent Luxe, whose activities are training, coaching and consulting for luxury brands, among others The Plaza Athénée, The Meurice Hotel, and the leading actors of the Cognac market.

The program places students at the intersection of luxury, fashion, and business. It provides a multidisciplinary approach: a solid business and strategic knowledge combined with exposure to the practical side from the stars of the luxury and fashion sphere in Paris. The students learn the many faces of the business from fashion, hospitality & wellness, cosmetics, fine jewelry, and wines.  They are trained to have an international outlook and innovative mindset to the tackle the biggest challenges of the premium industry.

All detailed information about the program: prerequisites, objectives, duration, access modalities and deadlines, prices, contacts, used methods etc. ... can be downloaded HERE.

Key Points:

  • Emphasis on management and leadership
  • Cross-discipline integration modules
  • Classroom debate, discussion with other experienced professionals
  • Electives with associated business consulting projects

Master the art and science behind luxury and fashion management. Gain a holistic view of this unique industry and immerse yourself into the creative, technical, and business components of the luxury and fashion space.

  • Introduction to Luxury Courses and overview of the Luxury Industry
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Human Ressources
  • Financial Management
  • Digital Business
  • Marketing Management
  •  Strategic Management
  •  International Business
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Financial Management
  •  Digital Business
  • Distribution Management & Strategy in Luxury
  • New Trends in Luxury Retail Markets
  • Purchasing Technics in the Luxury Industry
  • Selling Technics in Luxury Business
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Communication & Advertising in the Luxury Industry
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising
  • Hospitality & Wellness
  • The Cosmetics Industry
  • Fine Jewelry / Fine Watch
  • Business Development in Wine Industry
  • Fashion Business & Principles of Design
  • Fashion Design Process & Trend forecasting
  • Key actors of Haute Couture & Ready-to-Wear
  • Understanding today and tomorrow pricing in tourism
  • Leveraging design for a better growth
  • Purchasing Management: the difference between success and failure in business strategy
  • Information Design
  • History of Cinema
  • Advanced Productivity Digital Tools
  • Career Management
  • Leadership & Management Seminar

Ethics and Leadership skills

Equip yourself with the specialist skills and attributes needed to be successful in the sector. Learn the subtleties that distinguish the luxury and fashion leaders from other business leaders. Understand and improve your leadership capabilities, ethical responsibilities, and build your management competence.

Some of the Leadership & Professional Seminars included in the program:

  • Advanced Productivity Digital Tools
  • Career Management
  • Leadership & Management Seminar

Global Awareness and Immersion Skills

Students gain insights not only academically but more importantly, the opportunity to learn in Paris, a luxury and fashion center, giving unprecedented access to top companies and networks. Students also benefit from seminars and workshops from leading partner schools – Marangoni, Chardon Savard, and Cours Florent.

Decision Making Skills

decision making skills

Students undergo experiential learning activities from group work to business games and simulations to learn new concepts in a very tangible way. They develop an applied understanding of the latest topics and theories from merchandising to crisis management in luxury and fashion management.

With an understanding of the trends and practices in luxury and fashion management, and of course, discerning tastes, graduates can find a multitude of positions in any number of fields. Once graduates have found their niche, they can flourish in positions that include:

  • Account Management
  • Brand Management
  • Communications Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Global Sourcing
  • Licensing Management
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising Management
  • Press Relations Management
  • Retail Management
  • Retail Purchasing
  • Sales Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Visual Merchandising

How to apply

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