How to become a Data Analyst ?

How to become a Data Analyst

The data analyst is in charge of processing all types of information in order to draw conclusions on which the company can rely. In this way, he/she detects areas for improvement, future trends, and makes suggestions and predictions. This job is vast and requires a solid specialization.

What is the job description of a Data Analyst ?

The data analyst, or data miner, is attached to the Information Systems Department (ISD). Their role is to collect, store and process one of the company's precious assets: its mass of information. The data of all types that he/she studies allows the data analyst to propose interpretations, orientations and development suggestions to the company.

In the digital sector, this position is essential in order to observe and analyze the customer journey: the actions of the Internet user are observed from his arrival until his conversion (purchase or any other interaction depending on the nature of the site concerned). The analysis of the Internet user's data will allow us to offer him the best possible path, to suggest the products or services that best correspond to his research and profile.

Data analysts can work in all types of sectors and structures: from finance to public action, including industry and health. Data Analytics are indeed present everywhere because they allow to plan, measure, predict and organize activities of all kinds (production, product sales, population movements, stock management, behavioral studies, etc.). The fields of application are infinite, as long as the data analyst is able to hold information to be processed, which of course implies the implementation of measurement tools and techniques.

Skills and qualities of the Data Analyst

The quality and efficiency of the data analyst's work will come from his taste for the management of masses of data and analysis by crossing. His job is an exciting universe in which he plays the role of interpreter and performs the necessary actions to read the relevant analysis results. 

The Data Analyst's task is to manage very large amounts of information using specific Big Data tools: mastery of these tools as well as of computer language is therefore essential.

It is also common for the Data Analyst to have one or more areas of expertise depending on the field in which he or she works: finance, marketing, human resources, health, transportation, etc. These skills are acquired during their years of training or during their first professional experiences. It allows him to be particularly relevant in his analyses and hypotheses. 

Key skills and qualities : 

  • Rigor, precision and organizational skills,
  • Mastery of data processing tools, computer language and English,
  • Ability to write reports,
  • Good knowledge of the sector in which he/she carries out his/her mission,
  • Trustworthy: professional secrecy is mandatory in this field of activity.

Becoming a Data Analyst: a Master Degree Level

There are different training courses to become a data analyst. This profession requires solid skills in mathematics, computer science, but also a specialization in data processing and an analytical mind that will allow to produce relevant and exploitable data and conclusions. Depending on the sector targeted, and/or the path that best suits them, students can benefit from specializations in data analysis starting at the Master's level. Contrary to popular belief, non-geek profiles have a place in masters programs in this field.

  • With a scientific background: in engineering school, or in a university course specialized in mathematics and statistics.
  • With a computer science background: in a university or specialized private school.
  • With a general business/marketing background, then specialized in data: in business and/or communication schools, which allows you to benefit from a marketing analysis approach before two years of dedicated master's degrees.

Salary and career of the Data Analyst

In France, Junior Data analyst salaries are around 3000 euros gross per month, then increase after 3 years of experience, up to 60k per year depending on the profile. (UK salary range : £40,000 - £50,000. Average data analyst salary in the USA is $67,413 per year) 

This Big Data profession offers the possibility to evolve within the sector towards different positions: Chief data Officer, Data scientist, Big Data Architect, Business intelligence manager, etc.

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