Nightlife in Paris

Nightlife in Paris

Bars & Popular neighborhoods

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Whether you want to rub shoulders with the fashionable jet set or party all night in a funky dive bar, Paris has it all. Head to the Bastille district for a bustling night of bar and club hopping along the Rue de Lappe, or for a more refined nightlife experience, lounge with the rich and famous in the chic Place Vendome/St. Honoré area or at the many upscale clubs along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
For a vibrant atmosphere and famously LGBT-friendly party spots, check out the historic Marais district. For a fun pub crawl full of happy hour specials, just head down to the lively Rue de la Huchette. Paris is known as the “City of Light”, but it’s been suggested that it should also be called the “City of the Night”!  


Paris offers a wide range of clubbing atmospheres for many different tastes. Internationally acclaimed DJs run the turntables at many posh electronica clubs throughout the city. Dressing to impress is of critical importance in such areas.
Other funkily decorated spots are more intimate to the local hipster crowd. If you’re looking for something truly unique, Paris’ long and varied architectural and cultural history won’t disappoint you -- there are clubs located under bridges, in old brothels, in art galleries, and even on floating barges on the Seine! 

Live music

Paris’ identity is uniquely French, yet it still carries the undeniable footprint of countless cultures and people from all over the world that have come to call it home. This is particularly evident in its music scene, where genres as diverse as grunge metal, classical jazz, electronica, Afro rhythms, punk rock, hip hop, and salsa all coexist as part of the city’s endlessly rich musical offerings.

Some cafes, bars, restaurants, and art galleries spontaneously convert into intimate performance venues when the sun sets. Grand theatres offer performances by world-famous classical orchestras and modern concert halls host internationally famous musicians, singers, and bands. 


Hundreds of theatres throughout the city add to Paris’ illustrious reputation as a cultural center, offering world-class theatrical, ballet, and opera performances. From classic French music, to famous books converted to musicals, to uniquely Parisian comedies, the theatre in Paris is a must-see.
While almost all theatrical performances are normally performed in French, for those whose French isn’t quite advanced enough, some companies are now providing “surtitle” (above the stage) services in English, so that the wonder of French theatre can be accessible to a wider audience. 

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