Information for studying in Paris

Paris informations


Students from EU/EEA or Switzerland
After having secured a place at PSB Paris School of Business, students from EU/EEA or Switzerland only need a travel document (ID card or passport) to travel and study in France.

Non-EU/EEA or Swiss students
If you are not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you must apply for a student visa at your local French consulate in your home country.

We strongly advise that enrolled students contact their nearest Consulate of France or CampusFrance office at least three months prior to their desired departure date as the visa process can be lengthy.

When granting study visas, French consulates must take into consideration a range of factors including your academic background, evidence of sufficient financial resources, and the authenticity of the documentation provided during the application (degree certificates for example).
You will be required to submit several documents such as ID, financial statements, transcripts, enrollment letter, and often an accommodation certificate.

Please note that French Embassies around the world have different procedures and requirements, so always check their website or contact them directly for an extensive list of required documents so that you are well prepared for your visa application.


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Travelling around Paris is fast and easy thanks to the well-developed transport systems. With metro, train, bus and tram stations at almost every street corner, you can cross the city easily and safely.

Travelling by metro, train or tram:
Metro is by far the easiest way to travel around Paris, whilst the train provides a quicker alternative, and the bus a scenic route! You can use the RATP website to help you plan your route and you can download your transport map here.
The monthly fare for a 'Navigo' pass is €75, or approximately €38 for an 'Imagine R' pass which is reserved for students under the age of 26.
The PSB Paris School of Business team can assist you with filling in the paperwork to obtain your transport pass upon your arrival in Paris.

Travelling by bicycle:
Velib’ is a public bike-sharing program with annual subscription rates of just €29. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free of charge, and beyond 30 minutes you have to pay for the service in accordance to the usage charges: between €1 and €4.
It’s a great way to travel whilst enjoying the sites of Paris, so get cycling with Vélib’! 

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You already have a cell phone, so you just want a French SIM card? Take advantage of PSB’s exclusive partnership with French mobile telephone provider: B&You.

Thanks to this partnership, you can benefit from special offers that B&You has reserved for PSB Paris School of Business students. In addition, you will be in contact with an English-speaking representative who will provide you with all the information you require regarding the different offers available.

Opening a Bank Account

To help you set up your bank account in Paris, the school has a partnership with LCL, a leading French bank.

An English-speaking bank advisor from LCL bank will be able to assist you in completing the administration procedures to open your French bank account.

The LCL bank proposes special offers to PSB Paris School of Business students such as preferential rates for international withdrawals and transfers, as well as annual student housing insurance for as little as €1 for your first year! 

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Health Insurance

France’s healthcare system is recognized as one of the world’s best public healthcare services.
Health insurance is obligatory for all students under the age of 28, and students must be covered for the duration of their studies in France.
Students from the European Economic Area (EAA) must hold a European Health Insurance Card. This card, free of charge, ensures that you have access to public health care. If you need any medical attention, you will be reimbursed the charges you paid for, at the Social Security rate.
Students from outside the EAA will have to subscribe the French national social security system for students. The student health insurance fee is approximately €213 per year, and this must be paid at the beginning of the school year. The PSB Paris School of Business team will provide you with the necessary forms to complete and will assist you with the administrative procedures.
Students over the age of 28 are not entitled to the student social security scheme, and so may wish to take out private health insurance.