Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

The primary role of a digital marketer is to build brand awareness in the digital space. They adapt their strategy to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Function and missions of the digital marketer

A digital marketer is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to promote a company, a brand and their products and services. He plays a major role in creating brand awareness and using the digital space to drive traffic to the company's website and acquire leads/customers.

A digital marketer also helps identify and evaluate new digital technologies by using web analytics tools to measure website traffic to optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display advertising.

Missions of the digital marketer

The digital marketer uses a wide range of technical and strategic possibilities to achieve his objectives of visibility, notoriety and sales. He relies mainly on 4 areas : 

Social Networking

He or she may also be responsible for managing the brand's online presence using social networking tools like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Google My Business, etc. These social media platforms allow companies to keep their target audience informed of their news and upcoming offers, but also to form communities around topics related to their business.

Content strategy

In addition to designing and monitoring the proper functionality of a website, a digital marketer is also responsible for the content of the site. He creates and implements the content strategy to ensure that the online goals are met. He finds the topics and keywords that will help the site rank well. 


The digital marketer must ensure that the website easily reaches its target audience. This includes optimizing the structure and content of the site for search engines and using the paid advertising available in the digital space. The goal of SEO and SEM is to help drive relevant traffic to the website.


A digital marketer is responsible for converting website visitors into online sales. To achieve this goal, he or she must ensure a seamless and easy online shopping experience.

Qualities and skills of the digital marketer

Like many marketing jobs, digital marketers must of course have a good level of marketing/communication skills. Above all, these fields require creativity, a strong sense of analysis, and an ability to react and find solutions.

His ability to organize and create online advertising events and understand what works depends on his ability to understand the language of the industry. He or she must be comfortable with terms such as PPC, SMO, SEO, SERPS, etc.

Digital Marketer: 

  • Is aware of new trends and tools in web marketing
  • Is curious about everything in order to establish connections between various subjects
  • Likes to challenge: he/she implements many tests and improvements in order to generate more traffic and get more returns
  • Has a knowledge of digital tools and, without being a developer himself, has a good understanding of programming possibilities (HTML and JavaScript)
  • Is able to analyze the results of these actions
  • Adapts his techniques to the companies, products and services for which he acts.

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Career opportunities in digital marketing

Digital marketing covers a wide range of areas and there are a number of opportunities for digital marketers to move up the ranks. The role of the digital marketer is growing and marketing professionals who can offer digital expertise are increasingly in demand. 

In the digital age, every business regardless of size needs digital marketing. Specialists in this field can work in an agency, within a company, or even on their own as a freelancer. The evolutions are as numerous as there are types of personalities: department management, agency creation, specialization towards data analysis, etc.