Ulrich von Hesler

Ulrich von Hesler's Testimonial
Témoignage Ulrich von Hesler
Student from Friedrich Universität Bamberg, Germany
Student of the PSB Study Abroad Program

What’s surprised you about the city?


What I really like about Paris is getting to know people from all over the worldand there is always something happening.I was suprised by how small Paris is regarding space and that the metro is not running the whole night. My favorite place in Paris is Notre-Dame.


What made you choose PSB?


I chose PSB Paris School of business because of the cooperation with my home university (Otto- Friedrich Universität Bamberg).


I love studying at PSB as I was being able to study in English while improving French living in a French speaking country. Professors are motivated and they take their time for each student individually.


What did you like most about PSB?


My best experience at PSB was the fact that professors are hanging out with students.




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