Pho Phalla International MBA Student
Témoignage Phalla Pho
Phalla Pho from Cambodia, International MBA Student 2016
Operation Officer at Pros Realisation

I particpated in the Weekend Challenge during my MBA studies. I worked for one full weekend non-stop with students from other schools with different skill sets and culutres.


It was a unique experience for me, yet for most of my team, it was not the first Weekend Challenge they had completed as they are organized throughout the year on the Campus Cluster Paris Innovation. However from the beginning, this challenge was announced to be quite different!


First of all the prize: a week visit to the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, the grail of innovative start-ups. We all signed up to participate in the challenge weeks in advance, and we were proud to be selected to join the event and it was now time to stand out from the 12 other teams!


While we noticed a lot of groups trying to advance as quickly as possible on their idea, we decided to take a different approach: we took the time to get to know one another to find an idea that represented us and responds to our needs. The first indicator of success for a product is you, if you wish to purchase it, then it’s a good start!


We then extracted 3 key points of the La Poste's brief and got to work on finding a solution. We decided to work on a connected object that allows us to disconnect from the external world for a few minutes per day so as to gain more time for oneself and family. Our pitch to the Jury was well received, and we found ourselves winners of the Weekend Challenge packing our bags for Las Vegas!


We are very thankful to have participated in this Weekend Challenge which was not just a fantastic moment of innovation and creativity, but also an amazing human adventure and unforgettable experience.



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