Témoignage KC Nkalari
Student from The United States
Student of the PSB Short Programs

I would decribe Paris in those 2 words : Magic and Captivating.


What’s surprised you about the city?


I enjoyed in Paris the Sightseeing. I was supprised by how easy it was to get around. The nightlife is incredible, so much fun.

There’s an infinite around of things to do. I would say that my treasure place in Paris is the Sacré Coeur, it had an amazing view and was 2 metro stops away.


What made you choose PSB?


I chose PSB Paris School of Business because of the luxury brand management program, it taught me so.


What did you like most about PSB?


I really liked the class environment at PSB. The lifelong friends I've met in class is my best experience of my time studying in Paris.




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