Hugo Castro
Témoignage Hugo Castro
Gestionnaire Risques Fournisseurs et Gouvernance Achats, Total
Promotion 2016 - Master Purchasing & Supply Chain

I joined PSB Paris School of Business after my High-School diploma in economics. I had the opportunity during the first two years to learn a variety of disciplines. I also began to acquire professional experience by working in the school's Junior-Enterprise club.


I did an exchange program in Dublin, Ireland, and upon my return to Paris, I chose to pursue the « Achats & Supply Chain Management » specialization. I completed an internship at Danone's operation planning unit in supply chain, and then I acquired a procurement experience by working as an apprentice at Total during my last year of studies.


PSB Paris School of Business has given me the opportunity to discover so many new things, both on a professional and personal level. I have been able to sieze the different opportunities available to not only gain significant experience but also develop genuine maturity. The quality of the academic staff and professional experiences available were major advantages of studying at PSB Paris School of Business and made it a great place to learn and grow.



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