Francesco Venafro

Francesco Venafro MSc alumni
Témoignage Francesco Venafro
From Italy, Overseas Sales Manager at Shanghai Broaden Building Materials Co. LTD
MSc in International Management, Class of 2014 - Asia Track


I opted for the Asia Track and decided to study in China for my third and final term of the MSc in International Management program.

It was impossible not to fall in love with Shanghai – the city is constantly moving and the number of opportunities that the city has to offer is unbelievable. The entrepreneurial spirit here is everywhere.


After a six month internship in a consulting and project management company in Shanghai, I am now working for a building materials company specializing in exporting decorative and functional fiber cement boards and aluminum composite panels. I am in charge of Overseas Sales.


Thanks to the international exposure and cross-cultural skills that I gained through the M.Sc. program, I was hired not only to expand the reach of the company and to develop new markets, but also to give a more international mentality to the company whilst working alongside the local Chinese team.