Ethan Mouland



Student of the PSB Exchange Program

I would decribe Paris in those 3 words : Past. Present. Future.

The most beautiful thing about Paris is the history lining it's streets and buildings. Everything has been made with such passion. The city is not layed in concrete like so many others. It has been sculpted through brick and stone. You feel the life that went into each street and building as you walk by. It is a city that radiates passion in a light you haven't seen before.

What’s surprised you about the city?

Paris is more than just museums and architecture. There is something for everyone, regardless of your passions. Whether you enjoy attending modern jazz festivals, eating in themed restaurants, or walking through tunnels lined with human corpses from the black plague... There is all of this, and so much more, in Paris.

About the nightlife in Paris, there is always a club, bar or pub to visit regardless of your choice in music, atmosphere, or setting. From themed bars, to the most outrageous electronic night clubs. You will never have the chance to visit all of the places you wish to go. Enjoy this at your own leasure. But also be sure to get to the metro before it closes or you won't get home until sunrise. This is often turns out to be a good thi

My treasured place in Paris? A place I find myself in each Monday is Le Piano Vache. A rugged old bar, lined with posters upon posters of bands that have performed at their vicinity. If you arrive before 8:30 there is a chance that you will be able to get a seat in the back room where the live band begins to play at 9:30. Monday nights is themed by upbeat jazz music. But be sure to return on the other nights throughout your semester as well. You will be surprised by some of the themes hosted on nights bordering the weekend.

What made you choose PSB?

I was searching for fine cuisine, and language development directed me to one of the most sought after schools to attend via my home university. I was in search of a school that was able to provide quality Marketing and International Business courses, yet still allow me free time to travel and explore the city. That's why I chose PSB Paris School of Business.

The best thing about PSB is the opportunity you get to meet new people. Coming to PSB with no expectations, I found like minded individuals that have become lifelong friends. You get the opportunity to learn in class, but you will learn even more just from being around other students from all over the world. Your experiences and lifestyles are a diverse mosaic that you can use in networking, building friendships, and personal development.

What did you like most about PSB? 

My best experience at PSB so far has been arriving at PSB to such kind and inviting students. The individuals from Paris that go to PSB for their entire degree are very welcoming. They like to put on events for the students to mingle at, and always have exciting things planned. There is never a dull moment.