Elijah Paynter

Elijah Paynter


Student of the PSB Exchange Program

I would describe Paris with those 3 words : Anything and everything.

What’s surprised you about the city?

In Paris, I enjoyed the collective experience here. Living in this city opened the door to wonderful new people and opportunities. Paris has given me new perspectives and has changed my life forever.The amount of things to see and do is unbelievable. You could live in Paris your entire life and still not experience it all.

The nightlife in Paris is surreal. I have had so many amazing nights with friends, strangers, locals, travellers, and also by myself. One of my favorite things is riding home on a Vélib (rental bicycle) in the middle of night when the city is asleep.

My treasured place in Paris? La Promenade Plantée!

What made you choose PSB?

I chose PSB Paris School of Business because it offered an education in fashion and luxury from a business aspect and because of its ratings and reviews from both students and professionals. At PSB I love the diversity in the university. It hosts many international students from all over the world, which creates an intercultural atmosphere.

What did you like most about PSB?

My best experience at PSB has to be the friends and future colleagues I have become connected with. I’ve met such great people here that have inspired me in so many ways. 



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