Daniel Roura testimonial

Daniel Roura
Témoignage Daniel Roura testimonial
International MBA student class of 2016, from Argentina

Where are you from? 


I am from Cordoba, Argentina and I thought of pursuing the International MBA at PSB Paris School of Business as it was crucial for my international professional career.


The first important aspect is that it gave me the opportunity to study with a group of professionals coming from the 5 continents, giving me a truly cultural experience pushing you to enhance competences such as adaptability, cognitive flexibility and communication skills. It is impossible to go through this experience and remain the same person.


The second aspect is the academic excellence: PSB takes the best of the humanistic French approach to deliver courses where you learn not just business but a completely way of thinking.


How would you define PSB?


I would say that there are four keywords that can best define the PSB experience: creative thinking, critical thinking, innovation and multiculturalism. Thanks to the International MBA program and to PSB Paris School of Business, it was a lifechanging experience.