Christina Sappl



Student of the PSB Exchange Program

If I had to describe Paris in 3 words I would say : Multicultural, beautiful and diverse!

What I really love about Paris is the diversity of this city as it is a mixture of history and a modern way of life. I´ve really enjoyed the different opportunities of going to a museum, going to one of the beautiful gardens, visiting a castle or just walking through this great city (as you will always discover something new) is going to the best restaurants and nightly walks along the Seine.

What’s surprised you about the city?

I was quite surprised and impressed by the Multiculturalism of the city with so many different religious groups, skin tones and their different way of life. I was impressed about how good it works in Paris and about the way their different cultures etc are kind of merged together. There were so many different places I loved such as the Eiffel tower, l´Arc de triomphe, le Louvre etc. but nonetheless the place I loved most was Sacre Coeur and the Montmartre quarter with the different artists and musicians as well as the really beautiful church. From the top of the church you have an amazing view all over the city.

What made you choose PSB?

I chose PSB because I wanted to improve my french and I was intrigued by the idea of studying and living in Paris once in my life. Furthermore, PSB offered a wide range of courses to choose and as I´ve experienced the Team of Professors and the Team of the international office are always glad to help you with any problems or questions. At PSB I really liked being part of my french class.

As I was the only exchange student within my class, they integrated me in a way I´ve never experienced before. They were quite helpful, interested and really patient whenever I had a problem or I didn´t come up with the right words in order to explain what I wanted to say. Additionally, I was impressed by their team spirit as they were one huge group without any exceptions everyone was accepted.

What did you like most about PSB? 

My best experience at PSB was my class and their team spirit as well as the association “VIP” which organized many events for international students and their members who always offered their help to solve problems.

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