Alina Kovelenova



From Russia - Sales & Business Development Manager at Poised Concierge, Paris

Studying in PSB Paris School of Business was a once in a lifetime experience.

I chose to study at PSB Paris School of Business because of its great location in Paris, positive reviews of the program, and the specialized curriculum.

During our business and field trips, we got access to the inside world of luxury which was a unique experience.  A major highlight was the luxury spirits course as we visited the major brands of the Cognac industry such as Hennessey, Martel, and Courvoisier. We also had the opportunity to talk to cellar masters, marketing management, and sales representatives and enjoy the luxury French lifestyle in Cognac: lunches, dinners, and tastings.

What makes this program unique and truly international is the mix of nationalities within the class. I’ve not only made friends with students from all over the world, but I’ve also learned from the cultural diversity of my classmates. Thanks to team projects, I discovered different views of the business world between countries and gained insights on markets worldwide.

The courses were focused and knowledgeable. We discovered the world of luxury nuances and luxury civilizations, wine shades and varieties, complexities of watch and jewellery making, principles of marketing, strategic thinking, labyrinths of publicity tricks, and upcoming emerging countries.

Living in Paris has been an amazing experience that brought a lot of changes in my life, my views, and of course my savoir vivre that only the French can teach you.

When I first arrived to Paris, it was a challenge for me as I did not speak French, but I soon learned that many people speak English, and the school campus is a real melting pot!

But I still started learning French, and found that more possibilities and opportunities in Paris opened up for me. With these new sights and horizons, the city is even more charming and attractive! The major advantages of studying in Paris for me have been: broadening the mind, learning a new language, and gaining new skills.