Master International Business

Spécialisation International Business


The secrets of our trade revolve around four ideas :

- Understand international trade and relations
- Master business strategies at corporate and business levels
- Intercultural knowledge of trade law and international finance
- Project management in an international environment 

Advantages / What’s new next term?

The “general specialization” is the key difference and advantage of our program, opening up broad geographical and professional horizons.
It is said that today’s young graduates will have had on average 14 different jobs by the age of 38. A general and international Master program perfectly prepares them for their future career in a more mobile job market.
The possibility of obtaining a double degree from one of PSB Paris School of Business's many university partners is an element which makes our program stand out from the rest.

“What’s new next term?”

The renewal of our partnerships with universities around the world allows us to host yet more prestigious and renowned professors through our “Visiting Professors” program.
The establishment of strong partnerships with French companies through which our students put their skills into practice, for example as part of the Enterprise Challenges program (SEB and Syntec, this year).
An option for our 5th year students to obtain a certificate from the Project Management Institute, which will enrich their CV and allow their project management skills to be recognized worldwide.
A series of free conferences on the topic of geopolitics presented by researchers and professionals.

Semester 7 (September to December)
Specialization Program in Paris

  • International Business Environment (International Business Law - International Economics)
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • 1st Language: Spanish, German, Chinese
  • 2nd Language: Italien, Chinese, Hebrew, French for Business
  • Information Systems
  • Social Activities/Associations 
  • International Business Strategies 
  • International Purchase Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • International Project Management : PMI 
  • Logistics and Supply chain Management 
  • E-business strategy 
  • Strategic Cost Management 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation Management 
  • Corporate Social Responsability 
  • Business Game 
  • Career workshop 

Semester 8 (January to June)Exchange Program

Students are selected according to their results and language skills. They choose among our partner institutions all over the world and strengthen their languages skills whilst living a true international experience.

Semester 9 (July to December) 
5 months Internship in France or Abroad


Semester 8 & 9 (January to December)

Master's Dual Degree Program

Studies abroad to obtain a Dual Degree in one of PSB's partner institution : among which Westminster Business School, McGill University, Monash University & Boston University.

Semester 10 (January to June)

  • Specialization Program in Paris
  • International Business Strategies 
  • International Business Environment
  • International Business law
  • International Purchase Management
  • Financial Management
  • International Project Management: PMI
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsability
  • Business Game
  • Career workshop
  • Manager of business units, export departments
  • Managers of any department of internationally oriented companies
  • Consultant in international development
  • Finance/Accounting/Operations management in international businesses
  • Capital venture specialist or manager
  • Project manager in international environments
  • International marketing, sales or supplies
  • International negotiators
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The Master is designed to prepare students for careers in businesses related to the trading room in the front office, the middle office and as back office managers :

  • Middle-Office or Back-Office Managers
  • Assistant Sales • Investment Analyst or Financial analyst
  • Credit risk analyst
  • Bank risk
  • Originator
  • Portfolio manager or Fund manager
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • Risk Manager