Write the perfect resume to apply for PSB

Write the perfect resume to apply for PSB
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What makes a good resume to apply for a program at PSB Paris School of Business? If you are not sure what to include and how to show it, read on!
Personal information
First of all, make sure to include your personal contact information. Name and Surname are obvious but don't forget your email address, address, and phone number.
Professional experience
At this point, you might be wondering how to show any professional experience if you are applying for a school, where you are going to study to then have professional experience! Good news! We want to know what you have done before coming to PSB, even if it's just summer jobs or internships.
If you are applying for a postgraduate or executive program, then you surely have previous jobs and internships you want to mention in your resume.
Volunteering experience
Experience is not all about your professional career, your previous jobs or internships, but also about your volunteering activities. Awareness and responsibility are key values at PSB, for which you can demonstrate your adequation through volunteering.
Extra-curricular activities
The same thing goes for your extra-curricular activities. Whether you practice a sport or creative activities, or if you take part in a club or a society, you should definitely mention it in your resume.
When the Jury of Admissions reviews your resume, they want to make sure your skills are coherent with the program you are applying for. We are not asking you to already have all the skills you are going to teach you in the program of course, but you should be able to demonstrate your choice of program is in adequation with your past and current activities.
It goes without saying, the studies you followed before entering PSB should be included and detailed in your resume. Make sure to include the schools and universities you attended, the specializations you studied and some major courses you followed.
During your scholar life, or perhaps through your different jobs and activities, you might have been awarded for an accomplishment. If that is the case, be sure to mention it in your resume.
Final tip
Your resume should stand out through its content and the layout of the document. Clear and light resumes are easier to read and go through, make sure yours is simple and demonstrates your adequation with the program you want to pursue at PSB.
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