Vince, MSc student at Paris School of Business and music producer featured in Rolling Stones India magazine

Vince, MSc Student at Paris School of Business and music producer in Rolling Stones India magazine

In a world where the plurality of skills and activities is increasingly popular, Vince, an Indian student in MSc International Marketing and Business Development at Paris School of Business, talks about his background, his music and his inspirations. With more than 400 000 streams last year, He explains how he mixes his passion and studies on a daily basis. A good dose of business creativity and positivity to discover!

Hello Vince, can you introduce yourself to start?

Hello, I am Vishwak SUDHAKAR but you can call me Vince! I'm 21 years old and I come from Chennai which is a 6-million-person city located in the Tamil Nadu state, in the South-East of India. I am currently pursuing a MSc in International Marketing and Business Development at Paris School of Business. Before that, I did a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication.

I am a music enthusiast, passionate about it, and I also do production. I make lo-fi music which was backed by a couple of big names in the industry such as Rolling Stones Magazine, Atlantic Records, and by artists like TJ Jackson, who happens to be Michael Jackson's nephew and... I guess that's it!

Why did you choose Paris School of Business and Paris?

Well I chose Paris School of Business because the baseline here resonates with my goal in life too, mixing business with creativity and multinational culture. I would like to do business activities with an important creative aspect, and nuances that aren't conventional or considered a norm.

Moreover, I chose Paris because obviously, it's Paris! But seriously, Paris is filled with amazing people and a very strong artistic vibe. The talents around here simply inspire me to be a better version of myself.

What do you like about your program, the school and Paris?

I like my course at Paris School of Business as it induces me into thinking, broadening my perspective. The program and my teachers help me shape my way of thinking, learning in a different way. And also mentioned in the earlier answer, Paris is filled with beautiful people, artists, and most importantly, vibe. I love the vibe and it has inspired me to produce better music.

You’re a musician as well, can you tell us more about that?

Being a music producer really helps to keep my mind sane in a way. It also keeps me active as music helps to express my subconscious feelings into these little sounds that make everything beautiful and meaningful around me. I can't explain how the creative process is because it's all from inside me. It just comes to me, almost immediately. My style is mostly relaxed, chill with soft beats mixed with jazz and classical music. Lo-fi beats mainly consist of hip hop beats and jazz music and it is really beautiful and amazing. I started by making multiple different genres like house, dubstep, EDM, and more but I finally settled with lo-fi beats. The artists who really influence me are Michael Jackson, MF DOOM, J Dilla, Pete Rock, and many more. My influences are mostly underground!

The new school baseline is “Where business meets creativity”. You represent it pretty good. How do you mix school and music?

It's all about balance. People nowadays do not have the right way to balance work and life because they are either fully concentrated on work or life. I have this little trick where I would schedule my releases for a long time so that I could concentrate on my work, which is college. This creates that balance that makes you feel that you are creatively and productively engaged in both work and music. Imagine if a rotary gear becomes clogged or something due to stress. The only way to make those gears move is some grease. Same way, if the work sometimes becomes monotonous and boring, creative activities help boost your workflow and help you be engaged.

Vince, MSc Student at Paris School of Business and music producer in Rolling Stones India magazine

You’ve recently been mentioned in the magazine “Rolling Stones India” as a top musician to follow. What does it represent to you?

Being featured in Rolling Stone India was a dream come true moment for me as I used to read those magazines and articles researching and learning about the music scene in India and to see myself featured is a very good feeling to me. After the paper came out, the good thing that happened was that people who didn't really think I was going make it started to to see my real potential. I have never doubt about myself but it felt good to get the recognition I deserved.

The article put light on my music and has me focused on making even better music.

How being a famous musician influence you in your daily life, and being a student?

I’d like to start by saying that fame is very subjective. The fame that I got, which is pretty little by the way, helped me gain a lot of respect in the community of both my peers in my class, and also in the music industry. I helped my classmates in every way possible because I appreciate them a lot and they also like me! In the music community, I help other artists come up with tips and tricks to make it, and also help them get connections with other labels to release their music. I am even encouraging my classmates to do some graphic works so that they could also earn some money by me building a connection with some music companies I know. Using my fame, I am trying to support other worthy artists because the good that you do, always returns to you.

What are the next steps for you after graduating from Paris School of Business?

My next plan would be to settle in Europe and mix music and business because I am equally passionate about both. If there were to come an opportunity to be a part of a company that involved music, that would be a jackpot for me! With a Bachelor in Visual Communication and a Master in International Marketing, I’ll be able for sure to combine business with creativity!

Finally, what would you change/improve about your experience here?

Other than the COVID, everything else seems fine because the program is great, the teachers are great, my classmates are great and the vibe itself is awesome! Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day!

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