Showing your motivation for your application for PSB

Showing your motivation for your application for PSB


When applying for a program at PSB, you are asked to provide a motivation letter. What should this letter include? How to write the perfect letter for your application?

What should you include in your cover letter?

For your application to be successful, your cover letter should emphasize why you want to apply for the program, what led you to choose it and why you think you would be a good fit.

You can explain how you have heard of the program in the first place and what you understood about it. Express why following this program is important to you and what it can bring to your career. Give some details about your previous studies and experience and how they led you to apply for this program. How does the program relate to your resume? What makes you a good candidate for the program?

Going even further

When explaining why and how you could be a good fit for the program, think about how your experience relates to the skills you will be taught here at PSB. Candidates who show a great sense of practicality in demonstrating their skills and abilities have better chances to make it through the process.

What projects have you worked on that demonstrate you are a good fit for us? How does your previous job emphasize your teamwork skills? What events in your personal history led you to choose this career?

Length of your motivation letter

As mentioned in our application form, your motivation letter should consist of approximately 1500 words. All major text editors today have word count information, so make sure your motivation letter has the right length before sending it in.

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