Sector Manager

Sector Manager

The sales area manager is one of the central jobs in the management and administration of large food stores or specialized stores. The sector manager is responsible for various sales outlets (in the same sector). He/she ensures regular monitoring and also implements development actions in order to constantly increase the sales performance of each of these outlets.

The job of sector manager 

The Area Manager's mission is to ensure the coordination, management and organization of several sites included in his/her area. Aiming to optimize the product sales cycle, his/her function involves management, marketing and administration and is carried out differently depending on the type of company that employs him/her (its size and specific internal operations, for example) and the type of products that he/she sells. He/she ensures the performance of the points of sale (sales volume or turnover as the case may be) for which he/she is responsible by monitoring most of the activities and by implementing the global strategy of the company or group within each site. He/she is responsible for defining the sales objectives of each site in his/her sector, while guaranteeing the availability of each product according to the commercial agreements in place. He/she also participates in the opening of new sales outlets in his/her sector.

Missions : 

Operational marketing

Within the framework of the development of the performance of each point of sale, the sector manager is required to carry out various missions related to operational marketing, particularly present in the field of distribution. He/she organizes the various commercial actions: promotions, special operations, animations on the point of sale of the points of sale of his/her network. Working directly with the department managers, he/she checks and suggests improvements to the sales areas based on his/her marketing expertise: packaging, merchandising, shelf layout, organization of product ranges, etc. He/she is also responsible for presenting new products to be distributed in the network.

Follow-up and budget

On a daily basis, the Area Manager monitors the achievement of the sales objectives of the establishments in his/her area. At the same time, and always in pursuit of the sales objectives, he or she manages the communication and advertising budget in order to ensure the promotion of the products.

To ensure this follow-up, he/she travels regularly to meet with the sales outlet managers and department heads. He/she transmits useful information and follow-up reports to the marketing and/or sales departments of his/her group.

Profile and skills of the Area Manager

An area manager must be able to instill his/her objectives among the teams of department managers, and to lead effective actions. To do so, he/she must master his/her products, the best techniques to boost their sale, but also federate the staff to whom this task will fall. The qualities and skills required to carry out these missions are a combination of management, sales and marketing.

The sector manager masters : 

  • Sales and negotiation techniques,
  • The products marketed and their specificities,
  • The markets and the clientele of his/her type of sector,
  • Management and economics (calculation of margins, ROI, etc.)
  • Operational marketing,
  • Regulations and standards related to his field,
  • The main office software and digital tools used in his company,
  • English and/or another foreign language, particularly if he/she works in an international environment.

The sector manager has human qualities and interpersonal skills that allow him/her to be a convincing and efficient professional, such as :

  • Good interpersonal skills (generally necessary in the commercial and management professions),
  • A strong capacity for analysis and synthesis,
  • A team spirit and an ability to federate and to transmit (pedagogy),
  • A strong tenacity and negotiating skills,
  • A complete organization and autonomy,
  • A certain taste for travel and frequent meetings.

Courses and degree to become an Area Manager

There are two ways to become an area manager: a short training course in 2 or 3 years after the baccalaureate, and a long training course with a Master's degree, which allows you to take up the position without waiting. 

Bac + 2 and Bac + 3 levels: BTS, Bachelor's degree, Professional license and BUT 

At a university or private institution (school), these professional training programs are accessible after a general or professional baccalaureate, based on applications or selection tests. They offer programs with a theoretical approach to fields related to the professional activity, as well as a field approach by professional speakers, internships and the possibility of doing studies in alternation.

These are diplomas with the specializations of Management of commercial units, marketing techniques, sales force, commercial action.

Bac + 5 level: Grande École of Business diploma, Master's degree

The Grandes écoles de commerce / Business Schools, accessible after the Bac, offer the best training in the field with specializations in distribution, to which can be added distribution management, sales and negotiation, or logistics.

The professional Masters specialized in sales and marketing allow students to obtain a title of Bac+5. They are accessible after a baccalaureate (bac+3) in Universities and business schools and can be done in alternation.

Salary and career prospects of the Area Manager

The salary of the Area Manager in France is on average around 40,000 euros gross per year ( UK : £46.000, US : $64,410) , ranging from 29,000 to 53,000 in general. This position also offers various benefits: company car, housing, expenses, salary savings, complementary pension, etc., depending on the company.

In terms of career development, the sector manager can move up to the position of Regional Manager, where he/she will have the task of managing teams of sector managers. He/she can also reach marketing or sales management positions.