PSB receives the “Bienvenue en France” label

PSB receives the “Bienvenue en France” label

Since May 28th, PSB Paris School of Business benefits from the “Bienvenue en France” (“Welcome to France”) label and is now joining the 89 certified institutions of the 183 ones committed to the certification process. Created by Campus France, the label aims at guaranteeing the highest standards in international student support services, allowing certified institutions to increase their international reach.

As one of the top 5 student destinations, and along with this label, France is committed to reinforce student mobility by adopting a qualitative welcome policy, which is a fundamental stake for the internationalisation and attractiveness of higher education. The strategy implemented by the label aims at welcoming 500 000 more international students by 2027.

Services adapted to the needs of international students, quality and accessibility of the programs, quality and accessibility of reception arrangements, care and accessibility of the courses, housing and quality of life on campus, quality after-diploma follow-up : what are the conditions for the granting of the “Bienvenue en France” label ?

The “Bienvenue en France” label : a quality guarantee

The “Bienvenue en France” label is issued by Campus France to higher education establishments who wish to highlight the efforts made regarding the reception of international students. It is a tool allowing to measure, describe and highlight the plans and standards implemented for international students.

The “Bienvenue en France” label main objectives

The “Bienvenue en France” label aims at :

  • Informing international students on tangible welcoming conditions within the establishments
  • Attesting to the quality of the reception and highlighting the initiatives made by French establishments on that matter
  • Promoting a host culture within schools and universities

Conditions for receiving the “Bienvenue en France” label

The “Bienvenue en France” label is granted for a 4-year period on the basis of an online self-evaluation by the establishment, consisting of a well-argued file and evidence for the first year, then on a visit from independent experts the second year. An independent commission gives a ruling on the certification level.

The criteria used in labelling a program of support

The “Bienvenue en France” label gives information on the actions that have been implemented by the higher education establishments in the following areas :

  • The quality and accessibility of information designed for international students : creation of a multilingual website, clear presentation of the academic programs and diplomas, dematerialization of the administrative and the application process throughout the stay, accessibility of digital tools.
  • Support services : multiservice window, welcome booklet, welcome products, back-to-school and inclusion events.
  • Academic programs : courses in English, preparatory programs and methodological follow-up, creation of a digital space, FLE.
  • Housing and quality of life on campus : (international) student service dedicated to international students and composed of a multilingual staff, housing offers, student mobility and international students valorisation, points of contact.
  • Post-graduation follow-up : support towards employment, support towards entrepreneurship, former international students network, statistical and qualitative follow-up of registered international students. The indicators determined by the ”Bienvenue en France” label are based on observations made by international students themselves, establishments, diplomatic positions and Campus France spaces and partners.

The importance of a support service strategy

The “Bienvenue en France” label distinguishes between regular french higher education establishments and those who developed a support service policy for their international students. As a true token of quality, the label attests to the quality of the establishment’s support service and represents a promotional and outreach tool. Certified institutions can be found on an interactive map of the regions and on the city index cards available on Campus France international website.

Between 2018 and 2019, France welcomed 358 000 international students, which represents a 4,3% growth in the last year. The “Bienvenue en France” label responds to a constant call for highlighting student mobility and is committed to reinforce support services for international students.

At PSB Paris School of Business, we believe that it is of collective interest to implement a host culture in our school and to be able to think about axis for improvement in order to assure a successful experience to our international students, as well as encouraging student mobility.

The role played by student associations

Welcoming international students is not only about undertaking administrative actions or taking courses. It also has a lot to do with activities that are encouraged at the school since the beginning of the school year thanks to student associations.

Through this qualitative welcoming approach that is the “Bienvenue en France” label, PSB Paris School of Business is proud to bring forward its numerous associations, such as the Students’ Office, which play a fundamental part in welcoming and taking care of international students.

Acting as a communication, meeting and exchange tool, PSB associations greatly participate in the international students support service and more generally, contribute to an overall mobility thanks to the various activities and missions they offer.

Students associations are a true social relations accelerator and allow newcomers to meet students with the same interests while opening out in a welcoming and stimulating environment.

Attentive to getting better everyday, PSB Paris School of Business is committed to welcoming international students in line with the best international standards, and to develop a host culture within the school using the axis implemented by the “Bienvenue en France” label.

For more information on the programs available at PSB Paris School of Business or its students associations, download the brochure or visit our website.

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