Paris School of Business CV Presentation & Career Day Workshops

Paris School of Business CV Presentation & Career Day Workshops
Paris School of Business, best Business School to study Abroad in Paris is continuing with its conference series. We are following up on our Inaugural Conference “Branding on You” where students learned about the importance of presentation when entering the professional world.
The presenter Ms. Bernadette Martin is coming back to Paris School of Business to hold a series of conferences related to this topic. The goal is to have each student ready for job interviews and increase their likability.
The first of these series of conferences will take place next Monday March 14th from 3:30-5:15 pm.
In addition to Ms. Martin’s conference, student photographers will also be present to help create great portraits for student CVs. Therefore this is an event not to be missed! Also, Mr Guy Filliastre, who is in charge of company partnerships at Pôle ESG has made the exceptional offer of sending a selection of the best CV to leading corporations in advance of the Pôle ESG Career Day organized on March 29th & 30th!
While the event is not mandatory, it is an amazing opportunity for students to benefit from professional guidance in terms of preparing themselves for the world of recruiting and professional imaging.
Here is a list below of all of the dates of our workshops.
March 14th (3.30-5.15pm) First workshop,
March 16th (5.15pm-7.15pm) Second Workshop
March 21 (5.15pm-7.15pm) Third Workshop
March 29th/30th Career Days
April 4th (5.15pm – 6.15pm) De-Brief/Opening out to new horizons
Please rsvp to as soon as possible. We hope that all students take advantage of this great opportunity.