October Rose: Paris School of Business swing into action to fight breast cancer!

Octobre Rose : Paris School of Business se mobilise contre le cancer du sein !

As part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also called "October Rose" in France, which can be translated in “Pink October”, the students and staff of Paris School of Business are coming together to show their support and try to raise awareness.

More than 200€ collected thanks to the sale of cakes.

This year, Paris School of Business' humanitarian association GduCoeur, organized a breast cancer awareness day to raise awareness of the importance of cancer detection, in order to prevent it. The association also extended its actions to children's cancers.

It has also established a partnership with AIDA association, which acts on several levels in the fight against childhood cancer: support for research, awareness and help for patients. It is also the first association created by high school students in Europe. AIDA association has won the 2018 Social Entrepreneur award by VivaTech.

Here is a list of the actions scheduled:

  • A conference to explain and exchange with speakers from the AIDA association
  • A cakes sale for benefit of AIDA association
  • Photoshoot of the staff and teachers, photographed with pink, in support of the fight against breast cancer

Thanks to the mobilization of students, professors and employees from Paris School of Business, more than 200€ were collected!

Cotton candy, homemade cupcakes and biscuits were available for sale to support the association!

Margot, Impact Campus Ambassador

Margot, Impact Campus Ambassador, currently doing civic service in parallel with her studies at PSB in her 2nd year

"This year with Gducoeur we decided to organize Octobre Rose differently from previous years.

Indeed, we organized a dedicated day which took place in two parts: a sale of cupcakes and candies, as well as a conference with external speakers. We therefore joined forces with the association AIDA, which looks after and helps for young hospitalized people with cancer. We raised over 200€!

Three volunteer speakers from AIDA animated the conference: they told us about the missions of the association and presented their goals. They also shared their experiences with us.

As Vice-President of the Action Department of GduCoeur, I thought that regarding the health crisis, giving them support and visibility was more than important! As young students, their missions and daily actions touch us all the more because of the young age patients".

Her goal: to raise awareness of Sustainable Development among students and develop their civic commitment through concrete events.

Salomé Picard, in charge of CSR at Paris School of Business, explains "October Rose is a major event to raise awareness about breast cancer. This disease is more frequent in women and a lot of cases are diagnosed each year. For me, it is essential to relay preventive measures to detect this disease early in order to act quickly, but also to remind people of the daily commitment of Research and certain associations. It was therefore important to mobilize the staff on this subject. "

To support research, you can donate here: http://cancerdusein.org

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