A Masterclass in partnership with Petit Navire and Parmentier

A Masterclass in partnership with Petit Navire and Parmentier

On February 13, the Masterclass for Master 1 students in the Marketing Insights & Data Analytics Strategy (MIDAS) specialization was held. This initiative set up by Jean-Marc Lehu, head of the specialization, invite students to work in teams on a real problem encountered by a company.

A Masterclass in partnership with Petit Navire and Parmentier

This edition was carried out in partnership with the brands Petit Navire and Parmentier, specialists in canned fish, belonging to the Thai Union group. At the beginning of the day, the students were given the MasterClass starter pack with the problem they were asked to solve as well as all the market analysis documents.

Starting with the observation that sales volume is declining, the students were asked to develop solutions to make the two brands more attractive to young consumers.

Within five hours, the students had to absorb the data and problems of the market and find a relevant and doable solution. This is a difficult exercise because it requires students to work efficiently and in a very short time in randomly formed teams, but this is what makes the exercise particularly formative.

At the end of the time limit, each team pitched their solutions to a panel of professional experts who declared the three winning teams.

The project was really interesting because we had the chance to discover the canned fish industry and it was very stimulating to understand the evolution of the market and to help them improve their attractiveness to young consumers. Moreover, work in teams with students from three different classes allowed us to create cohesion and to learn to work differently”

Nour, student

"The masterclass is a moment of meeting and interaction, for me it's an opportunity to carry out a project in a group, it teaches us communication, listening, understanding, and these are very important soft skills! It's really nice to feel like we're working in a company and to present our projects in front of real employees, it's motivating.”

Laureen, student