Doing an internship in the Bachelor of Business Administration program

Doing an internship in the Bachelor of Business Administration program

Who doesn’t dream of the possibility of working in Paris for such companies as BNP Paribas, Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski, General Electric, and VAT Systems?  This is just a small sample of the organizations in which PSB Bachelor of Business Administration students have undertaken internships over the past year.

One of the highlights of the Bachelor of Business Administration program at PSB Paris School of Business is the chance to gain valuable experience in business thanks to an internship. While at PSB all students have the option of doing one for academic credit. Many students choose to do an internship in Paris, elsewhere in France, or even in their home countries. Internships taken for academic credit are the perfect way to combine studies with work experience…experience that is often essential to getting that first job after graduation.

How to find an internship during the Bachelor?

Bachelor students registered at PSB have access to a wide and frequently updated database of offers from around Paris and other parts of France, thanks to our extensive corporate network.

The internship component at PSB gives students the chance to strengthen their résumé/CV by demonstrating an ability to work in a demanding, multinational environment. It’s the kind of experience that counts a lot for recruiters in today’s business world.

How are internships considered in the program?

Internships in the PSB Bachelor can be counted as a Business Major course or as a Business Elective course. You can have up to two internships considered for academic credit during the Bachelor. Internships in Paris can be undertaken during the academic year, as part of the student’s semester course load. Students can also do them during the summer: these can take place either in Paris or abroad.

Where do students do internships?

Bachelor students have performed summer internships at the World Food Program in Madagascar, at the Canadian Embassy in China, and at Lifestyle Realty in Miami, Florida.

How are internships assessed?

Because they are taken for credit, student internships require students to write and submit an report, as well as make a presentation of what they did during the internship before a jury of teachers and professionals.

Doing an internship, focused on international business, in one of the key financial and business capitals of the world, is an opportunity that prepares PSB Bachelor students to pursue exciting careers by giving them knowledge, experience, and the confidence to adapt to ever-changing work environments. Internships at PSB open doors for students motivated to accept the challenge of turning knowledge gained in the classroom into practice!