Meeting our 2020–2021 international ambassadors: Marvin, BBA student from Cameroon

Meeting our 2020–2021 international ambassadors: Marvin, BBA student from Cameroon

Marvin, a BBA student from Cameroon, has been studying at Paris School of Business for the past three years. Needless to say, he has become quite the expert on French art de vivre and Parisian life! Follow the guide!

Hello Marvin! Could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Marvin Tayou, I am 22 years old. I am originally from Cameroon and I have been living in Paris for 3 years. I am currently enrolled in Paris School of Business’ BBA programme.


How would you describe Paris School of Business’ campus? What do you like most about it?

I think that the school’s campus is a very lively place where students are able to meet people coming from all over the world. In that way, I think that the campus is quite representative of the cultural diversity in Paris.

What do you like most about student life at Paris School of Business (clubs, events, projects, activities, etc.)? 

I think that student life at Paris School of Business offers the perfect balance between learning and socialising. At the end of each course, we usually work on interesting group projects and oral presentations: it’s a great way to work on our communication and technical skills!

What is your daily life at Paris School of Business like?

Other than going to class, my daily life at Paris School of Business consists in working on numerous group projects with my classmates, which I think is a great way to build team spirit, as well as socialising and discovering Paris.

What are your favourite classes at Paris School of Business and why?

Throughout my Bachelor programme I would say that my favourite classes were Financing New Ventures, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, International Marketing and Portfolio Management because I thought that the teachers were all very knowledgeable and great at conveying their ideas. 

These courses were also quite challenging and I think that one of the reasons why we all go to university is to learn new things and challenge ourselves.

What are your plans for the future & how the school helped you to achieve your goals?

In the future, I am planning on doing a Masters degree in Accounting in order to work in Management Accounting

Paris School of Business’ BBA in Finance and Accounting has enabled me to acquire technical and interpersonal skills which I’m sure will prove essential when I’m doing my Masters, and later in my career.


What are your favourite places in Paris (areas, monuments, museums, parks, bars…)?

Paris is such a beautiful city with countless wonderful sights. One of my favourite places in Paris is the Atelier des Lumières which hosts immersive art exhibitions. I also enjoy walking around the Jardin du Luxembourg and reading a book by the Medicis fountain, having a picnic with friends on the Champ-de-Mars and admiring the view on the Louvre Pyramid at nighttime.

What do you think of French food? Any tips and recommendations for fellow international students (bakery, market, restaurant…)?

What I love most about French gastronomy are pastries and desserts… I am actually quite obsessed with crème brulées!

I would recommend to future international students exploring the Quartier Latin where they’ll find affordable restaurants serving very good food!

What are your tips and recommendations to meet new people in Paris?

It was probably easier for me to make new friends in Paris since I speak the language. Still, I have made numerous international friends when going to museums, having picnics out and about in the city and hanging out in international meeting places such as the Shakespeare and Co library

I would also recommend checking out social media to find cool places where to go out and meet new people.

Have you been able to travel around France and/or Europe?

Yes, I have been able to travel around France and Europe and I found it quite easy

I have been to Belgium, which I really enjoyed, as well as Germany. Hopefully, now that the situation is getting better, we’ll be able to travel more!

Anything that you'd like to say to fellow international students who are contemplating studying in Paris School of Business?

If you are looking for a school which will provide a lively multicultural environment where you can meet people from all over the world and learn from knowledgeable professors and professionals, I can only recommend applying to Paris School of Business!