Eduniversal Ranking: MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management

Eduniversal Ranking: MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management

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As per usual, Eduniversal selects the Postgraduate programs in France. The Eduniversal Evaluation Agency will publish the rankings of the best Masters, MSc and MBA 2018 on March 17th.

This new list will include 946 programs in 75 specific specialties, including our MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management at PSB Paris School of Business. The results of these rankings are elaborated by the Eduniversal Evaluation Agency with a three-month survey, for which students and companies participated.

The mission of Eduniversal is to provide individuals with high-quality information about institutions and programs. Therefore, prospective graduate students can navigate the best educational opportunities and make the right choices for their careers.

This ranking is based on 3 criteria :

  • the reputation of the program;
  • the salary obtained after the program;
  • the satisfaction of the students;

Being part of the Eduniversal ranking is a proof of high academic level combined with a verified international influence for each of our programs. Last year the MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management was ranked in the TOP 20 masters programs specialized in Luxury Management by Eduniversal.

We will be announcing the 2018 ranking of our MSc programs right after the Eduniversal ranking is out, so make sure to check back this page in March! In the meantime, here is more information on our program:

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