7 reasons to study in Paris

7 reasons to study in Paris
7 reasons to study in Paris

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Studying abroad is both a rewarding and fulfilling experience. When contemplating studying abroad in Europe, there are several reasons why you should choose Paris and France, an appealing destination for students worldwide and we bet it will still be in many more years to come. 


Not only Paris is the #1 city to study following latest QS Best student cities ranking but it also recommended by 9 out of 10 international students would recommend France as a study destination (Barometre Campus France's 2013 data). There are a lot of cities in the country and each of them offers a unique experience but let's look no further and put Paris in the spotlight.



We have listed 7 reasons why you should choose Paris :


Museums, Landmarks and Monuments

Some of the most important and the famous museums in Europe are in Paris! As an international student, learning is enhanced by visiting museums, landmarks and monuments in Paris. Be sure to tap into the city's history in Louvre, National Museum of the Renaissance, Carnavalet Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Montmartre, etc.


Inspirational Streets

There is no doubt that Paris is genuinely stunning. It is a playground for artists to showcase their art. Turn one corner and you will see someone painting the cityscape, look at the opposite side and you will see a crowd around a man singing songs while playing his guitar and don't be surprised if someone taps your back and starts imitating your every move, you've been mimed! You will also develop an appreciation toward street art that you can find on almost every corner.

French Cuisine

Paris is more than buttery croissants and macarons. There are numerous ways how to explore the tasty world of French Cuisine which is considered one of the best in the world. Sit down at the terrace of a café, visit restaurants and get to experience ratatouille, salade niçoise, duck confit, flammekueche, soufflé, boeuf bourguignon and a fine selection of wines, cheese and pastries.



Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the beacon of Paris. You haven't been to Paris if you didn't take at least one photo of this prized city landmark but the Eiffel Tower is more than just a breathtaking sight. Aside from climbing it up, there are a lot of activities you can do around the tower and one of them is enjoying a bottle of wine on a cruise.



Friendly People

Studying French in Paris is also a brilliant idea. It is known that Parisian can be arrogant and rude but most of them are also very accommodating and won't mind having a friendly chat with you, this way, you can get to practice your French.







Paris offers different nightlives for different people. Fancy catching up with your friends over wine? Paris has a lot of bars for you. Do you like dancing? Paris's clubs are for you! Do you want to hear classical music? There are several opera houses to choose from and some of them have free wifi to boot!

Paris is Paris.

Another reason to choose Paris for your overseas study is simple: Paris is Paris. Paris has outstanding opportunities when it comes to research and development, a majority of the young population are successful entrepreneurs and innovators, Paris is the #1 student city according to QS Best Student Cities, 2014 data), the food is world-class, the entertainment scene is truly a definition of entertainment, the architecture and art is invaluable, and the city itself is marvelous.


Paris PSB



Need we say more? After all that was mentioned, would you choose Paris as your choice of destination for studying? If so, make sure to select PSB Paris School of Business as your education provider.


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