5 reasons to choose PSB for your exchange program

5 reasons to study at PSB Paris School of Business
5 reasons to study at PSB Paris School of Business

When planning to study abroad as an exchange student or a freemover, it can be difficult to choose the right destination and school for you.


To help you make your decision, we have selected 5 top reasons to choose PSB Paris School of Busines as your study abroad destination.




Not only is France located at the heart of Europe both historically and geographically, it was the founding country of the European Union, and is a key actor in the international business world today. Paris, the City of Light, is home of the romantics, and the city is an open air museum; every street and building has a story to tell. Paris is also a hotspot for culture and an essential pitstop for international artists. Geographically, Paris is at the crossroads of Europe, making it fast and easy to travel to other neighbouring European capitals.

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Central Paris Location


PSB Paris School of Business is located on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the 13th district of Paris. Travelling to the campus is secure and simple thanks to the many public transport options availble (metro lines 5, 7 and 14). The area is home to Paris's principal Asian community, so you will find a lot of delicious Asian restaurants close to the campus. You'll also find riverbanks and parks nearby to take a break and relax with friends.

If you want to study at a library, the multimedia library Jean-Pierre Melville is only a minute away, right next to Olympiades metro station. Alternatively, the beautiful National Library is just a 15 minute walk away - make sure you take the time to admire it's award-winning modern architecture that represents four open books. 

Modern & Innovative Campus


Inaugurated in 2014 by the Mayor of Paris, Campus Cluster Paris Innovation is the first campus of its kind in France. Higher education, entrepreneurship, innovation and digital economy can all be found on the one campus. Home to three schools (PSB Paris School of Business, Web School Factory & IICP), an innovation factory, and a unique concept coffee shop, the campus provides students with a positive environment that fosters innovation. It is a place where students can meet professionals, grow start-ups, attend conferences and workshops, and share ideas. Can you think of a better place to study?

International Accreditation

International Focus & Accreditation


A key factor of PSB Paris School of Business' success is its international focus. It is at the core of the school's programs, teaching methods, internships and partnerships. Out aim is to become the most international Parisian school. With the notoriety and force of the Grande Ecole program which is AMBA accredited, along with the know-how of the international programs, the school is an attractive higher education institution on a global scale. We aim to double the number of international students by 2020, so the campus will become even more of a melting pot of nationalities and cultures than today!

Course offer at PSB
Course offer at PSB

Range of Courses


PSB Paris School of Business offers an full range of programs taught in English & French by an international faculty. The faculty is made up of both highly qualified academics and professionals and we believe that this combination of theoretical and practical training is the best way to learn about business.


PSB Paris School of Business offers degree programs of various levels: undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate. There is a large choice of specializations such as finance, luxury, international management, tourism, etc. Exchange students have the opportunity to graduate with a Certificate of Business in Management, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, or Luxury. French language course are also available to international students enrolled on the Study Abroad & Exchange programs.

On site support at PSB
On site support at PSB

On-Campus Support


PSB Paris School of Business staff understand that moving to another country can be stressful which is why staff assist you every step of the way. The team will help you to prepare your arrival, and answer all the questions you may have before, during, and after your studies in Paris. Always happy to meet new international students, the office works closely with the student association "VIP" (Very International People) to make sure you fully enjoy studying in Paris.

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