Nuria Norabora

Nuria Norabora



Student of the PSB Exchange Program

What’s surprised you about the city?

I enjoyed living in Paris and meeting new people from all around the world in everywhere I went. I really like the fact that you can find an available plan suitable for everyone.

Living in such a multicultural city, crib of fashion and art, means way more than just going to museums or to the tour Eiffel.

Nightouts in Paris are first of all, really expensive. But there are always amazing parties in pubs, bars, clubs, boats... the Night is young in Paris!

My treasure place in Paris is le Jardin du Luxembourg. Since I first saw it, it was instant love. It is an increbible place to visit.

What made you choose PSB?

I chose to study at PSB because I really wanted to study in Paris, and in between the different options we were given, PSB was the most attractive to me. What I really enjoy at PSB is meeting all my friends and having such a wonderful teachers! Specially Mme Castellano of intercultural communication.

What did you like most about PSB?

I think my best experience at PSB was Valentine's Day party. It was the best!