Na Peng testimonial
Témoignage Na Peng
MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management, class of 2015
Head of Product at “Legend International Trade China Company”

What did you study at PSB?


I was a 2015 student of the MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management in the PSB Paris School of Business.


Where are you doing now? 


Since September 2016, I’m working at “Legend International Trade China Company”, (International Trading Company for import and export goods), Beijing, as Head of Product. Our company belongs to the HAICHANG Group owning over 20 wine chateaux in Bordeaux and our main activity focuses on “LAMONT” Wines.


I’m responsible for French wines-, along with the development of new products related to LAMONT Wines, such as the design, the media, the channels, or any way to target new customers etc. 



What has PSB tought you? 


When I was studying at Paris School of Business, I learned a lot in terms of High Jewelry and Watch, High-end Hotel, French Gastronomy, Luxury cars, and also in Wine Marketing and Wine Tasting.



After 3 months of wine tasting classes, I truly had a wide understanding of French wine regarding the “Terroir”, grapes, appellations, wine tasting and so on. This provided me a strong background in the wine, what revealed very useful for my job. What’s more, we have been visiting the Cognac region during 3 days; we visited famous wine companies and its wine cellars, such as LVMH- Hennessy Group, Le Courvoisier, Martell, Delamain etc. This trip helped me to know about the techniques of spirit making, the history of Cognac and those chateaux, and how to make the difference between different Cognacs.


I’m so honored to be Alumni of Paris School of Business, I’m so proud and I will never forget these amazing experiences, either in the Campus or in Field trips or all of these interesting teaching methods.



Thanks to my teachers who gave me opportunities to know about the Luxury, the France and the Business. Without Paris School of Business, I would never have the position I have secured today.




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