Alexandre Ehrlacher

Témoignage Alexandre Ehrlacher
Leader Program Associate - Apple
Master International Business 2015

I entered PSB Paris School of Business Ex-ESGMS as a 1st year student after earning a French baccalaureate diploma in economics and social science. I spent my first two years in Paris and then I left for the University of New York in Prague which has a partnership agreement with PSB for a dual Bachelor's degree. With this experience, I decided to specialise in International Business for my Master's degree. The program allows you to spend a second semester abroad. So, I went to Seoul for 4 months before earning a double Master's degree during a year at Boston University, which is one of the top universities in the world.

All of these experiences enabled me to do an internship as a Business Leader at Procter & Gamble and as a Marketing Executive at OPW Fueling Components. I now hold the position of Association Director, managing more than 20 associations, 2500 students and nearly 950,000 euros through 200 events. I'll finish my classes at ESG MS in June and at the same time I'm taking classes at Harvard to earn a professional certificate in Strategic Management.

Through the diversity of the school's international experiences, internships and strong association life, students leave PSB with real added value in comparison to students from other schools. My advice to new PSB students would be to take full advantage of all of the opportunities offered here not only for the great professional but also personal experience.