The very wide career paths of our MSc in International Management graduates

The very wide career paths of our MSc in International Management graduates

The MSc in International Management program at Paris School of Business attracts students from every corner of the world, and these students have very diverse backgrounds. Every student is unique and arrives at Paris School of Business with his or her own story and career plans. It’s no surprise, therefore, that once students graduate from the program, they pursue a wide variety of careers.

What careers do MSc in International Management graduates pursue?
Where do the graduates from the MSc work from?

The career paths of our MSc in International Management graduates do not know boundaries. Students from around Europe have taken advantage of opportunities, for example, in other European countries: graduates from Slovakia are working in London and in Vienna, graduates from Italy are pursuing careers in London and in Brussels. Students who come from further afield have similar experiences. Graduates from Vietnam and China are working in Barcelona and Turin, respectively. But global careers are not centered only on Europe: graduates from the MSc in International Management program are making their mark in Dubai, the United States, India, Nigeria, Canada, and China to give only a few examples.

How does the MSc in International Management help students build their careers?

The Paris School of Business International Management program provides students with specific knowledge to help them thrive in careers in both the private sector and the public sector. Graduates work in large multinational firms: Merck in Vienna, Samsung in Stockholm, Reckitt Benckiser in Brussel, Société Générale in Bengaluru, as well as in SME’s and start-ups: Virax in Epernay, France, Motion Global in Turin, Canalyst in Vancouver, and Delvaux in London.

In which sectors do the graduates now work?

Graduates from the program are pursuing careers in a wide range of industry sectors. The program curriculum prepares students to assume responsibilities in many sectors. Some graduates are working in the field of export: one graduate has created his own export start-up exporting French products to Africa. Other graduates have successfully joined well-known corporations with a heavy accent on international operations: Kellogg’s in Paris, Medtronic in Berlin, Reckitt Benckiser in Brussels, Samsung in Stockholm, and Merck in Vienna.

Some of our graduates are pursuing careers in various aspects of banking and finance: systems engineer and French bank Société Générale’s office in Bengaluru, India, equity researcher at a private equity firm in Vancouver, Canada, and equity sales executive at the London office of a Swiss private equity firm. Graduates are also pursuing careers in law firms (Dentons, Paris), in luxury sales (London), in management consulting (Deloitte, Vienna), real estate sales and investments (Barcelona). A small number of Program graduates has gone on to pursue doctoral level studies.

The school MSc in International Management program is a calling card and a passport to exciting international careers worldwide.

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