Choose France for your business education

Choose France for your business education

France is an economic and technological powerhouse that is already home to thriving businesses, but even more, companies are now coming to join the fray. 

In 2017, Emmanuel Macron, France’s pro-business president vowed to make the country a “Startup Nation”. This is prompting a business boom for both entrepreneurs and large international companies alike. For students, this makes France fertile ground to get a leg up in a business major. When you study in France, you are taking the first step towards a high-power career in international business.


With a dynamic business environment, France is a magnet for businesses new and old, large and small. From entrepreneurs with their first start-ups to large companies, businesses are locating factories and offices within France’s borders. France is home to successful forward-looking businesses, some of the best universities in the world, and an international mix of talent, drive, and investment. Companies can see that though France has always been a strong economy, its climate for business is improving under Macron’s initiatives. Now is the time to come to France.

Tech CEO’s are choosing France because of the advanced technology already present and the large number of well-educated engineers and scientists. The French system’s research tax credit encourages the innovation that tech companies are looking for.  This mix of solid business-friendly policies and an advanced and diverse work-force makes France a great place to do business, whether in AI, payment processing, autonomous vehicles, aviation, or software development. Locating an office in France means being able to attract the best talent from all over, and to interact with other large and small companies to advance your business ideas.

France is home to some of the best factories with skilled labor, conducive policies, and a history of excellence. Manufacturing of advanced goods, from cars to artificial intelligence, is thriving in France. Companies are upping their financial commitment to facilities within France because business is booming. The infrastructure is extensive, the location is superior, and the economic climate is ripe for high-end manufacturing.

Speaking of location, France is ideally positioned within Europe, with shipping access from its coastline, and six countries sharing borders: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, and Spain. You could call it a crossroads of Europe, with relationships to the south with African and the Middle East, to the east with Eastern European nations and Russia, and to the north and west with the U.K. and U.S. located just short hops away. France is one of the most populous countries in the EU, and also boasts over 4 million foreign residents and immigrants. It is truly a great international destination, and one that invites business-minded students to come and excel.


With all this new investment, France is the perfect place for business students looking to learn in a dynamic international environment. Once a student has finished their business education in France, they can choose to stay and continue their participation in the lively commerce that France is known for. Living in France is the dream of many, and if you can achieve your educational and career goals in France, why not?

If France is such a great center for trade and innovation, can it also be good for education? The answer is a resounding yes! Business education involves not only working with great teachers but visiting and studying successful enterprises. France is investing in large creative incubators, so new businesses are growing at a pace. And with France becoming home to large offices for many of the world’s leading businesses, you can experience all types of professional settings.

Not only is working for a large company a possibility if you choose France for education, but the many start-ups offer ambitious graduates a chance to get in on the ground floor. Perhaps you even have an idea you want to pursue---France is a perfect place to get your start-up off the ground.

The best way to get your toes wet in the French business world is to get your degree here, whether undergraduate or MBA—France is perfect to get a grounding in business principles so that you can later fly to the heights of your own talents.

Why are so many international businesses choosing to locate in France? The lifestyle, the culture, the gathering place for strong businesses. All of it contributes to the success of new business ventures, expanded opportunities, and a diverse, educated, talented and committed workforce. The lure of French food, culture, and scenery is too hard to resist. For so many reasons, both business and quality of life, France is the place to grow a business.

President Macron has put out a series of new videos with industry leaders voicing their reasons for investing in France. Watch them to see why top executives think now is the time to choose France for business. And great businesses mean a great business education. #chooseFrance and #choosePSB to get ahead in business!