The 2024 Winter Bridge to Keimyung University

The 2024 Winter Bridge to Keimyung University

For the second consecutive year, students from Paris School of Business were invited to Keimyung University in South Korea from the 8th to the 13th of January.

This trip one-week trip aimed to introduce Keimyung University and South Korea to its partner universities around the world and encourage students to consider spending their exchange year/semester in Korea. It provided a unique opportunity for our students to explore the campus, engage with fellow students, and immerse themselves in the rich Korean culture.

The 2024 Winter Bridge to Keimyung University

Throughout the week, the Keimyung University staff had prepared an exciting program for our students :

  • Campus visit
  • Experience sharing sessions with local and other participating students
  • Korean Language and culture classes, including traditional Korean martial arts (Taekwondo), traditional Korean music (Samulnori), traditional Korean clothing (Hanbok), tea ceremony (Dado) and K-Pop dance
  • Field trips to explore local history and the city of Daegu
Le Winter Bridge 2024 à Keimyung University
Le Winter Bridge 2024 à Keimyung University
“Thanks to the program organized by our partner, we were able to attend two Korean language classes, immerse ourselves in Korean culture through Hanbok (traditional clothing), receive an introduction to taekwondo, and participate in a k-pop dance class.
One entire day was dedicated to an excursion to Busan, Korea's second-largest city by the sea. Throughout the week, we stayed in the dorms on the vast Keimyung campus, where there are buildings dedicated to each of the students' different disciplines: taekwondo, arts, music, science, business, etc.
The interaction with Koreans was very enriching on a human level, as respect holds a significant place in this society.”
Eliaz Lhomer, student in 2nd year of the Master in Management

For an entire week, students were immersed in the Korean culture, offering them a glimpse into what their daily life would be like if they chose to go there for a university exchange.

This experience was also valuable as it allowed them to spend significant time with other international students from around the world.