Zhiqiu Jin

Zhiqiu Jin


If I had to describe Paris in 3 words I would say : Beautiful, multicultural, unique!

I love that in Paris you will never get bored! The city organizes lots of events and expositions all year round. For example, the city holds “fête de la musique” (Music festival in Paris) each June, when the musicians are invited to play in streets, public gardens, or even museums and all the events are free for the public. I took part in a violin concert in the Musée de l’Orangerie at midnight last year. It was remarkable experience.

What’s surprised you about the city?

I was supprised by the fact that Paris is not a big city but composed by 20 districts with different ambiances. In Paris, you can find Asian quartier, and Indian quartier and typical French quartier. You cannot find the charm of Paris as a visitor, you should live here!

For people who do not go bar like me, there are still many activities to do! Enjoy a great meal, visit museums, watch a spectacle, or just take a promenade alongside the Seine. My favorite zone in Paris is “le Marais”, where you can find many chic clothing boutiques as well as delicious street foods. Besides, you can also find peaceful places hidden between Haussmann buildings for a relaxing moment.

What made you choose PSB?

I chose PSB because it's one of TOP 20 business school awarding the “Grade the Master” in France. It offers the possibility to study aboard during the cursus.

What did you like most about PSB?

I really like the fact that many professors work at companies at the same time. I am always impressed by their professional knowledge and attitude. I find that courses are practical and relevant to the reality.

I think my best experience at PSB is when I worked at International Relations Office during my last year of Master, where I passed a wonderful moment with a friendly team.