Algina Rexha



Student of the PSB Exchange Program

I would decribe Paris in those 3 words : Breathtaking, Educational, unforgettable!

During my study in Paris I enjoyed the Art, Culture, the sights and knowing more about the city.

What’s surprised you about the city?

What’s surprised me about the city is how different everything works here and the perspective people have. Also, the nightlife here in Paris is different than London or Albania but I have enjoyed the nights out.

My treasured place in Paris? There are too many too choose from but Palace of Versailles holds a special place on my heart.

What made you choose PSB?

I chose to study at PSB Paris School of Business mainly because my Home university is partnered with PSB and they recommended PSB to me.

What did you like most about PSB?

At PSB, I really liked the module selections the subjects I’ve chosen, I wouldn’t of been able to choose back in Westminster. I would say that my best experience at PSB was meeting all the amazing people, and the memories that i’ve created with everyone that’s what I’ll take back home with me.