Jobs in the french cultural sector

Jobs in the french cultural sector

The culture and heritage sector is very vast and includes many activities that correspond to different levels of training. If the world of culture appeals to you, you will surely be able to refine your professional orientation thanks to this review.

The different professional fields of culture

Cultural events 

Cultural events allow for the link between events and culture, while including elements of show preparation and project management. They require management, administration, communication and information personnel for their publicity campaign, as well as important press relations. The positions of production managers are also present there: materials, stages, artists, reception of the public, logistics is a crucial point.

These events can be national public events, such as Heritage Days, biennials in different cities, or annual private or semi-private festivals.

  • Film festival
  • Music festival
  • Literary festival
  • Heritage Day
  • One-off/local cultural events around a theme

Positions to be filled : press officer, administrators, production manager, digital marketer, communication manager, graphic designer, stage manager, etc.

Cultural institutions

The cultural institutions have a regular daily working while organizing occasional events. This is the case for museums and art centers, or architectural interpretation centers, which in addition to their permanent collection host temporary exhibitions inside and/or outside their collection. Theaters sometimes manage a parallel activity of private and/or corporate events by hosting seminars, presentations, or any other type of event. In addition to communicating with the public, the managers of cultural institutions are mostly responsible for seeking funding, partnerships (for temporary exchanges of works, for example) and patrons in order to increase their collections and conserve their heritage. 

  • Museums
  • Theaters, circuses and theaters
  • Art institutes and centers

Positions to be occupied : scenographer, exhibition curator, curator, cultural mediator, guide, communication manager, public and school relations manager, patronage manager, etc.

Private cultural promotion, advertising through art

The world of art and culture is a vector of values, it is thus used for different purposes by communication agencies which propose different forms of use: enhancement of a product by customization, creation of an artistic event to promote a brand or a cause, cinema quality commercials or involving one or more artists, brand/artist collaboration, etc.

The specialized press as well as the publishing of art books offer great opportunities.

  • Specialized event agencies 
  • Media specialized in arts, design, architecture
  • Exhibition places

Art Sales

The sale of pieces of art represents a very important market (around 17 billion dollars in 2022!). Sales are made through galleries and auction houses, sometimes through buyers and experts commissioned by collectors.

The important auction houses and famous galleries are extremely followed by collectors, and are the place where pieces are being valued. The art market professions require an important commitment and a very good knowledge of the works, because their value rests on their authenticity, as well as on their side at a given moment.

  • Galleries
  • Auctions Houses
  • Art Fairs

Jobs : Expert, auctioneer, assistant auctioneer, gallery owner, salesman, etc.

Digital jobs in the art and culture world

Digital marketing manager

The communication and information of cultural institutions, if it is still done through display, requires like other products and services, to implement a real communication strategy and digital marketing. Attracting audiences and creating communities of enthusiasts via social networks helps build a brand image and establish the international reputation of artists and museums or other performing arts institutions. 

The use of digital technology is also essential for auction houses that publish their catalogs and conduct their sales online, allowing international customers to participate.

Virtual tour Expert

The Covid crisis has led to the rapid growth of virtual tour offers for museums around the world. Based on 360° image pricing hardware, many virtual versions of museums are now available, both paid and free. Innovations in this field are constantly coming. 

Digital mediator, Expert in Augmented Reality

By producing and implementing digital mediation devices that are gradually replacing museum labels, for example, and providing visitors with a new experience. Video has already taken a large place in the mediation devices, now, the use of augmented reality allows to be fully immersed in the work of any kind.